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Aston Martin's electric RapidE will start production in 2019

Only 155 will be built, and they'll be based on the Rapide AMR concept.

Aston Martin

It's been nearly two years since Aston Martin first unveiled its RapidE electric prototype. Now, we finally have an idea of when it will be ready.

Aston Martin confirmed on Tuesday that its all-electric RapidE will enter production in 2019. Only 155 models will be built, and they'll be based off the standard gas-engine Rapide. It's nice that Aston Martin only had to capitalize an extra letter to give its sedan a whole new life.

I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "Rapid E," but it could just be "Rapide." It's probably not "Rapide E," which sounds silly.

Aston Martin

As with the concept that came before it, the production RapidE will be a collaboration between Aston Martin and Williams Advanced Engineering. The RapidE will be based on the Rapide AMR concept, which packs a new set of wheels, grille, front splitter and rear diffuser. Inside, there are carbon fiber front seats and Alcantara suede trim bits.

Of course, the RapidE will ditch the 6.0-liter V12 that lives inside the standard Rapide, replacing it with an electric motor configuration. Both Aston Martin and Williams have been mum on the details, and this production announcement doesn't offer any facts beyond those we already know, so we'll have to keep guessing until it gets closer to production.

The Rapide has been in production since 2010. It first sported a 470-horsepower V12, which was bumped up to 550 horsepower when the Rapide S debuted in 2013. The standard Rapide starts around $206,000, so one can reasonably expect the RapidE to cost a bit more than that.