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Hyundai Ioniq, Sonata Hybrid lead brand's 13-vehicle strong electrification charge

There's a total of six sedans and seven SUVs in the pipeline.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq
More green more often, says Hyundai.

Things are about to get a lot greener at Hyundai, and I'm not talking about more exterior colors. The South Korean automaker said on Thursday that it plans to introduce a total of 13 new electrified cars and SUVs by 2022.

While Hyundai used the phrase "alternatively fueled," cars without a basic internal-combustion engine setup usually get lumped under the "electrified" term. Indeed, these 13 new models will be a mix of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric. Hyundai did not break down how many of each we can expect to see, but it's a safe bet there will be more hybrids than anything.

The green campaign will kick off with a refreshed 2020 Ioniq headed to the 2019 LA Auto Show. It'll still come in battery-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid forms. Additional details on the new Ioniq will be available at a later date. Hyundai also reconfirmed we'll see a new Sonata Hybrid model next year. Expect it to cost slightly more than the regular 2020 Sonata, which comes in a few hundred dollars shy of $25,000 in base form. We could also see another Sonata plug-in hybrid, too.

The automaker said the refreshed Ioniq in its three forms and the new Sonata Hybrid are part of the 13-vehicle commitment, so there remains nine new vehicles we don't know about. Some of these will be SUVs, while others planned are sedans. That's all Hyundai had to share at this time.

The most interesting of them all will be any new battery-electric cars Hyundai has planned. The brand currently sells the Kona Electric has its sole EV offering. In any case, two years isn't long to wait.

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