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Ford intends to tease Mustang-inspired electric SUV this November

A teaser... for a teaser.

The ride height remains hidden, probably because enthusiasts need the idea of a Mustang-inspired SUV to be distributed in small, easy-to-process doses.

It's been a year and a half since Ford first said it planned to unleash a Mustang-inspired electric SUV of sorts, and this November, we'll reportedly get our first look at the model.

The Detroit Bureau reported on Monday that Ford intends to provide the public its first look at the electric SUV this November. The website cited a Ford spokesperson on the November date, but a Ford representative did not confirm the timeframe with Roadshow. "We look forward to sharing more details about our exciting all-new, all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV at a later date," said a Ford spokesperson via email.

It's unclear if Ford simply plans to issue a photo, provide another teaser of sorts or has something planned for the Los Angeles Auto Show. The LA Auto Show does take place in November, after all.

We do know that the model is expected to lean heavily on the Mustang's design and a previous teaser photo showed what looks like the Mustang's triple-element taillights. Whether this will be a Ford Mustang on stilts with an electric powertrain or a new model with various Mustang design cues, we don't know.

News that the electric SUV will break cover in some way this November follows a report from this past May that declared we'd see the model debut entirely this year. It's understood the Mustang-inspired SUV is supposed to launch sometime in 2020, which doesn't put a late-2019 debut out of the question. The automaker also targets a 300-mile driving range.

A report from this past Monday also declared Ford has two electric SUVs readied for production at its Flat Rock, Michigan, assembly plant. Supposedly, they'll be built no later than the 2023 model year. Knowing that, it sounds like the Mustang-esque SUV isn't one of them. However, do look for a Lincoln electric SUV based on the Mustang-inspired model in the future.

Originally published Aug. 20.
Update, Aug. 21: Adds comment from Ford.

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