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Lincoln will build a car based on Ford's Mustang-inspired electric SUV

Don't expect them to be anything alike, though.


It's not exactly a surprise that Lincoln and Ford vehicles share a number of parts, and by the sounds of it, things won't change when the automakers slowly pivot to electric vehicles.

Lincoln intends to use the same battery-electric vehicle platform that will underpin Ford's future Mustang-inspired electric SUV, Automotive News reports, citing a speech from Kumar Galhotra, Ford's North American president and formerly the group VP for Lincoln.

Of course, whatever Lincoln creates on this platform won't bear even a passing resemblance to Ford's Mustang-ish electric tall boy. "You can make beautiful vehicles in different ways," Galhotra said, according to AN. "The BEV technology gives us so much freedom to sculpt that vehicle exactly how we want it. We're going to create elegant Lincoln BEVs."

Ford Motor Company plans to drop more than $10 billion on electrification between now and 2022. While it may not end up sharing VW's MEB electric platform as was previously reported, the company still intends to forge ahead with new hybrids and battery-electric vehicles across its various nameplates. Some cars, like the Mustang-inspired SUV, will be more than just juiced-up variants of cars with gas engines.

Ford first teased its equine-tinged EV back in September, with a teaser that looked a whole lot like a regular Mustang. It's believed that Ford is targeting a 2020 release date for this EV, which should have a range somewhere around the 300-mile mark. It was rumored that Ford would apply the Mach 1 name to this new vehicle, but strong and immediate criticism over this decision (however theoretical it was or is) caused Ford to backpedal pretty quickly.