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Ford plans to build two electric SUVs in Michigan by 2023

The two electric SUVs are reportedly the size of today's Ford Edge.

Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant

Ford has made quite clear it has at least one electric crossover SUV coming, but more of them seem to be on the way. In addition to the Mustang-inspired electric SUV that's rumored to debut next year, Automotive News reported Monday there are two more electric SUVs coming: one Ford and one Lincoln model.

Per the report, these two SUVs, which were originally slated for production in Mexico, are supposedly scheduled to come no later than the 2023 model year. With that information, a debut in 2022 seems plausible. Also noting the time frame, it appears to rule out the possibility that these two electric SUVs are the Mustang-inspired model and the confirmed Lincoln version of the vehicle. Ford previously said it's targeting a 2020 release date for the unnamed battery-electric SUV with Mustang inspiration. It's unclear when Lincoln may launch its version. Perhaps these two electric SUVs are the Mustang-inspired model and its Lincoln counterpart.

Ford didn't comment on the information in the initial report, which added that the SUVs are similar in size to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. Both will ride on the automaker's battery-electric vehicle platform that should first underpin the Mustang-like model.

The Blue Oval has been busy diversifying its electrification strategy. In the US, the automaker has its own electric vehicle platform forthcoming and inked a deal with Rivian to build another electric vehicle on the startup's own architecture. In Europe, an expanded Ford-Volkswagen alliance will see the former granted access to the MEB electric-car platform. Ford will build at least one electric car on VW's platform and discussions are ongoing to build a second for European markets. We'll also see a battery-electric F-150 pickup at some point in the future as well.

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