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Fisker electric SUV will be available via 'flexible lease' only

No long-term contracts, Henrik Fisker says.

There's more than a little Range Rover inspiration in those headlights.
Henrik Fisker via Twitter

The slow dripping of information surrounding the upcoming Fisker electric SUV continues, while the swanky EMotion electric sedan, sits in hibernation for a few more years. This time, Henrik Fisker took to Twitter to announce a non-traditional ownership model for the SUV, however.

On Thursday, Mr. Fisker said the upcoming SUV model will be available in a "flexible-lease" program only. It's not clear what exactly that may mean, but he touted "no long-term contract" to get behind the wheel of the electric utility vehicle. Replying to a few other tweets, the famed designer and head of this reborn Fisker appeared to confirm this will be a subscription type of program after a user mentioned Care by Volvo.

He said the cost will be "way, way, way lower" than Care by Volvo and provided a Nov. 27 date for when we'll receive prices for the electric SUV. Other details he shared about this flexible lease include more miles than Care by Volvo and no minimum term. This will give Fisker drivers "total freedom," according to the designer and head of the company. 

For some comparison, Care by Volvo starts at $650 per month and nets subscribers an XC40 crossover, insurance, 15,000 miles per year, maintenance and a few other perks.

We still don't have a name for the model, but in the original tweet, Mr. Fisker said we'll be getting that information next week. Other hints about the upcoming SUV from Fisker include a starting price under $40,000, an open-roof option, a targeted EPA-estimated range of 300 miles and a solar roof. We've seen a dead-on shot of the front end, which revealed a handsome design, and on the side, there's a D-pillar-integrated turn signal. Mr. Fisker does not design conventional vehicles.

The company hopes to start delivering the SUV in 2021, but we could see the vehicle totally revealed this year. In the meantime, the company is still working on in-house solid-state batteries to power its EMotion sedan. The car was supposed to launch this year with the revolutionary batteries, but with the delay, Fisker turned to current battery technology to power more affordable models, like the SUV.

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