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Elon Musk talks Tesla ATV, Cybertruck connection and electric dirt bikes

The Tesla CEO spilled some interesting information on the ATV in a couple of tweets.

Tesla Cybertruck with ATV promo
The ATV was designed to work with the Cybertruck, according to Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again used the Twitter social media platform to dish out new information surrounding the company. This time, it pertains to the electric ATV (the Cyberquad) and a quick musing about electric dirt bikes.

The Tesla boss said this past Saturday the company absolutely plans to build the two-person ATV and it will first be an option for Cybertruck buyers. The electric ATV was "designed to work with Cybertruck," according to another tweet from Musk. Indeed, at the electric pickup's debut, the ATV drove into the truck's bed and was then able to charge after the rider connected it.

What's unclear is where this ATV comes from. Musk, for all intents and purposes, declared this was an in-house vehicle. Reports have surfaced pointing out the vast similarities to a Yamaha Raptor ATV, which indicates this vehicle shown may have been rebodied and had an electric powertrain swapped in. Yamaha didn't immediately respond to a request for comment surrounding the similarities.

Nevertheless, Musk said the plan is to have the electric ATV ready for launch around the same time as the Cybertruck, which pegs it for a late-2021 launch. Some Cybertrucks won't be ready until sometime in 2022, however.

What else is Musk thinking about? Dirt bikes. In one of the same tweets, the Tesla CEO said electric dirt bikes "would be cool too." There's no desire for road bikes, however, as the Tesla boss shared he "almost died" after a truck hit him on a motorcycle at age 17.

"Too dangerous," he wrote.

The Cybertruck has already racked up at least 250,000 preorders, according to Musk, and if the Cyberquad sweetens the deal, that number will probably continue to grow.

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