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This pink Bugatti Chiron Sport is the ultimate Valentine's Day mic drop

Finished in Matt Blanc and Silk Rosé with a matching interior, it was commissioned by an unnamed husband as a present for his wife.

Bugatti Chiron Sport "Alice"
Ladies, if your man isn't buying you a custom Bugatti for Valentine's Day, dump him.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, there are a lot of traditional -- some might say clichéd -- choices. You could buy your significant other chocolates and flowers, take them to a nice dinner or on a romantic trip, maybe even buy them some jewelry. But what if you're working with a budget of around $3.3 million? Then you can do what one husband did for his wife and order a Bugatti Chiron Sport for your lover.

Now, we don't actually know if this Bugatti was ordered specifically as a Valentine's Day present, but the timing is just too perfect. This one-off Chiron was commissioned through the H.R. Owen dealership in London, and the owner worked closely with Bugatti's designers in Molsheim, France, to perfect the creation. While the identities of the husband and wife have been kept secret, I'm guessing her name is Alice -- that's the name given to the car, and it's also found on the headrests and the door sills.

Alice is finished in Matt Blanc and Silk Rosé, the latter of which is a fantastic new pink shade never before used on a Bugatti. The main grille surround, iconic Bugatti C-line and all of the grille mesh is slathered in chrome, while the wheels are also painted Silk Rosé with silver accents brake calipers. As a nice final touch, the covers for the massive 8.0-liter W16 engine are pink as well.

The theme continues to the interior, where almost every surface is covered in off-white Gris Rafale leather and Alcantara. There's subtle pink stitching throughout, though most of the interior's stitching is in matching off-white, and there are some pink aluminum accents on the center console. All of the interior trim is polished aluminum too, with no carbon fiber to be found. And, of course, there's the aforementioned moniker embroidered in pink on the headrests and stamped into the aluminum door sills.

Her name is Alice.


With Valentine's Day imminent, it's probably too late to order your significant other a Bugatti and have it arrive in time. The process of commissioning a Chiron takes months, if not years, to go from initial idea to finished product, with customers typically flying to the Molsheim HQ to meet the design and engineering teams and go through the thousands of design options to finalize the spec. "The customer came to us with a vision of how they wanted their new Bugatti to look," said Ken Choo, CEO of H.R. Owen, "and we are delighted that the depth and scale of Bugatti's extensive accessories and options catalogue allows for even the most ambitious of designs to be realized."

The Chiron Sport has an updated chassis focused on better handling characteristics. It's also 40 pounds lighter than a standard Chiron thanks to parts like carbon-fiber windshield wipers, and it gets a unique exhaust system with quad round pipes. There's no extra power compared to the normal Chiron, but with 1,500 horsepower on tap it doesn't really need it. Bugatti has fewer than 100 build slots left for the Chiron, most of which will be the even more extreme Pur Sport and Super Sport models, so if you want one in time for next year's Valentine's Day, you better get your local Bugatti dealer on the phone.

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