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Bugatti Chiron Sport: Carbon fiber wipers, $3.26 million

A 40-pound weight reduction and stiffer suspension result in much better handling.

The Chiron Sport is perfect if you've got $3.26 million burning a hole in your pocket.


Yes, that's right: Carbon fiber windscreen wipers. What other car than a special version of the Bugatti Chiron?

It's called Chiron Sport, and it costs $3.26 million -- a $262,000 increase over Bugatti's standard supercar. You don't get any extra power over the normal Chiron, but like, do you really need more than 1,500 horsepower? What you do get, however, is a dynamic handling package with a stiffer suspension and torque vectoring. You also get a weight reduction of 40 pounds over the regular Chiron. All in, Bugatti says the Chiron Sport is a full five seconds quicker around the Nardò handling circuit than the base car.

Visually, the Chiron Sport is differentiated by new wheels and a four-pipe exhaust deflector. Buyers will be able to choose individual color and trim options, of course, because no two Chirons should ever be the same, right?

Following its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the first Chiron Sport deliveries are expected to take place near the end of 2018.