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Bollinger's 'production-intent' electric SUV and truck look kind of frumpy

Man, the prototypes were so good. These changes sort of wipe away some of the charm.

Production-intent Bollinger B2

Bollinger's been pretty quiet after it made a super big splash back in 2017. The company really got into the electric pickup and SUV game before everyone and their cousin decided they wanted to build one. The prototype Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 truck looked so sharp -- literally and figuratively.

However, on Thursday, Bollinger released images of its "production-intent" B1 and B2 models and... well, I for one think they've lost some of their charm. They're definitely still the lovable blocks of metal, but the finer details really show off how the prototypes shined. I think my biggest gripe is with the headlights, which Bollinger turned into stacked units, rather than the larger circles found on the prototypes. It really shrinks both vehicles' presence, and they look far less intimidating. Honestly, it could just be that these photos show them in white. It's not a super-flattering color on these boxy guys.

Look at how much better this was, guys.


If I had to take my pick of the two, the B1 wears the production changes much better. Something about the long bed on the B2 just looks off with these changes. And to be clear, it's absolutely best to reserve all judgement for when we get to see these in person. The changes are just a little bit of a bummer as they stand in photos, and it looks like reactions are mixed from fans on social media, too.

But, there are reasons for the changes. Bollinger said the fascia changes allowed it to drop a single radiator unit in, rather than the larger, dual-top radiators. The B-pillar also moves forward, which the company said allows for much better ingress and egress. That led to a change in the window's shape and, believe it or not, required a manual window crank. Hey, Bollinger's all about being utilitarian, so it totally fits the vehicles' personalities.

Both the B1 and B2's specs remained unchanged, however, so you can expect 200 miles of range, 614 horsepower and 668 pound-feet of torque. Also unchanged are their prices: $125,000 to start. The utility vehicles should start hitting the road in late 2021, but then, Bollinger has plans for a B2 chassis cab for work truck duties and an electric delivery van.