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Bollinger's B1 and B2 electric off-roaders are gonna cost a whole heap of cash

In the deathless words of Samuel L. Jackson, "Hold onto your butts."

If you have to have that Land Rover Defender-aesthetic with portal axles and an electric drivetrain, get ready to spend big.
Bollinger Motors

We've been excited about Bollinger's super back-to-basics-looking electric truck and SUV models since they debuted a couple of years ago, and now, finally, we're getting an idea of how much they're going to cost. Friends, the news ain't good.

Despite looking like an affordable, rugged and environmentally friendly way to tackle the trails, Bollinger announced that pricing for its B1 and B2 models would start at a fairly eye-watering $125,000.

I'll pause for you so you can carefully wipe up the coffee that you just sprayed all over your laptop.

For comparison, in the fancy off-roading category, $125,000 will buy you a lot. Want an entry-level Mercedes G550? Or how about a loaded Jeep Wrangler with all the trail-tough fixins'? Land Cruiser and all the wild overlanding crap you could imagine? Yep.

In the electric department, you're pretty much outta luck until Rivian's more affordable (and livable-looking) R1T and R1S come out, unless you wanna fight the Governator for his prototype electric Kriesel H1 Hummer. And you know what? He's old, but good luck with that, bud.

What exactly is Bollinger giving you for all that money, since we know it's not trying to offset the cost of exotic body panel tooling? Well, a lot actually, if you're a serious off-roader. You get cool stuff like portal axles (which don't often see their way to production vehicles for public use -- think Mercedes G550 4x4-squared), a two-speed gearbox for high and low range and a range somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 miles.

Bollinger is currently accepting $1,000 deposits for its vehicles with plans to get them into production in 2020 with the first customer deliveries in 2021. 

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