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Bollinger Deliver-E electric van concept wants to haul your future packages

Looking particularly sleek, the Deliver-E is quite a departure from the EV startup's other planned vehicles.

Bollinger Deliver-E
Deliver-E. Get it?

Rivian, watch out because another startup has electric van dreams. This is the Bollinger Deliver-E concept -- an electric commercial van with big hopes of shaking up the segment. The now-Michigan-based EV startup revealed the design on Thursday, and although it's a concept for now, Bollinger said it absolutely plans to make it a reality in a slew of body styles with various battery options.

The company plans to offer the van with 70-, 105-, 140-, 175- and 210-kilowatt-hour battery packs to serve the widely varying needs of commercial customers. Some may not need a massive range if they plan to tool around the city, but others may tackle more highway routes, which is where a larger battery pack option would be a necessity. Unfortunately, no range estimates are available yet. Aside from battery options, there will be numerous wheelbases to suit various cargo carrying needs, as well, although, once again, Bollinger isn't sharing specifics at this time.

Underpinning the Deliver-E is a new architecture explicitly designed to address delivery van needs. Details remain scarce, but Bollinger has previously said it plans to play in the commercial space. As you'll recall, the company previously showed its Bollinger B2 chassis cab pickup fit for Class 3 duties. 

As for this van, it will morph to fit to fit Classes 2B, 3, 4, and 5, should customers want. Expect price points to be be vast and wide between body style, class and battery pack options.

A Bollinger spokesperson clarified to Roadshow that none of the company's vehicles will be built in-house, though manufacturing partner news is coming soon. Thus, the Deliver-E will join the B1 and B2 SUV and pickup as part of a partner's contract to bring each model to life. Production of the van is earmarked to begin in 2022 with the mystery partner. Crucially, that's a year after Rivian plans to deploy the first batch of specially built electric vans for Amazon.

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