Audi to launch new S and RS models, refreshed A4 and Q7 this year

Audi will launch 20 new models globally in 2019.

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The Audi A4 sedan will receive a refresh this year.

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most important launch this year is definitely the electric E-Tron SUV, but the German automaker has a number of other products in the pipeline, as well. Speaking to members of the media at an event in Ingolstadt, Germany, on Thursday, Audi's chairman of the board of management, Bram Schot, said the company will launch 20 new models in 2019.

Specifically, in a statement released Thursday, Audi confirmed the debut of three new RS models in 2019, as well as refreshed versions of the A4 and Q7. Audi says it "is sharpening its sporty image with nine new S models" in 2019, as well.

On the Audi Sport side, the company will add new versions of the RS6, RS7 and RS Q3 to the lineup. "All will take up the legacy of their successful predecessors as the sporty vanguard of the product line," Audi said in a statement.

It's unclear which -- if any -- of those RS models will be sold Stateside. But considering we got the last RS7 (and it was a total sweetheart), the safe bet is to assume it'll be offered on American soil, as well.

Audi will also give what it calls an "innovation injection" to the A4 and Q7 -- consider these mid-cycle refreshes. Both cars "are being upgraded with numerous innovations and an extended equipment list," according to Audi's statement. The company says the A4 sedan and A4 Avant wagon will get "a comprehensive evolution of the exterior lines," -- in other words, styling -- as well.

Mum's the word on exactly when these models will make their debut, but Audi aims to have all of them on the road sometime this year. Audi also confirmed the release of a new Q3 Sportback, which we'll see in 2019, as well.

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