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2022 Land Rover Range Rover is sleeker than ever yet even more capable

The fifth generation of this luxury SUV offers new powertrains, more tech and extra luxury, all of which is wrapped in concept-car design.

2022 Land Rover Range Rover - front
Damn, this SUV is sleek.
Land Rover

No, it doesn't look that new -- the outgoing model is supersleek, too -- but the 2022 Range Rover has been comprehensively overhauled. Now in its fifth generation, this trend-setting luxury SUV offers more opulence, technology and seating capacity than ever before, yet it's also more environmentally responsible.

Minimalism to the max

Visually, the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover is cleaner than the Pine-Sol lady's kitchen floor. There are no superfluous lines, tacked-on accents or bulging fenders and there's no grossly oversized grille dominating its face (ahem, Audi and Lexus). The result of this design restraint is an SUV that looks stunning in person and is around 12% more aerodynamic than before.

Even though it looks like a concept car, with its uncluttered front end, slab sides and slitted vertical taillamps, plenty of classic Range Rover styling cues have been retained. Note the falling roofline, strong shoulder and rising sill, traits that have been nameplate mainstays for five decades. But keeping this SUV grounded in the 21st century, it also features things like retractable exterior door handles, a two-tone paint job and the latest in lighting technology.

No trim, creases or unnecessary add-ons; this vehicle looks super clean.

Land Rover

While addressing media at a preview event, Gerry McGovern, chief creative officer of Jaguar Land Rover, described the 2022 Range Rover as "a master class in restraint." He said keeping things clean and reducing styling elements to their essence is one of the hardest things to do in design, though his team has clearly succeeded in our view. The new model is a real looker, refreshingly different from major competitors like the brash Cadillac Escalade and overwrought BMW X7.

Substance to match the style

But a pretty face isn't enough. Backing those looks up with substance, the 2022 Range Rover is built on a new platform. The MLA-Flex architecture is made of about three-quarters aluminum and boasts 50% greater torsional stiffness than its predecessor. This foundation should make the vehicle safer and more refined than ever.

Ironing out roadway imperfections, electronic air suspension is standard. The Integrated Chassis Control system preemptively fine-tunes how the vehicle reacts to varying road conditions for a smoother ride. Enhancing agility, rear-axle steering is included across the 2022 Range Rover model lineup, too. This allows the back wheels to turn up to 7 degrees for enhanced agility at low speeds and greater stability on the highway. Rear-wheel steering trims the vehicle's turning circle to just 36 feet, the smallest of any Land Rover SUV ever. For a little context, that's less than a Honda Civic sedan.

There's no shortage of technology inside this new Range Rover.

Land Rover

Keeping that sleek but husky body under control is the Dynamic Response Pro system. This is the first Land Rover model to feature the technology, which uses the vehicle's 48-volt electrical system to arrest body roll in corners. This setup responds faster and is more efficient than competing hydraulic systems.

But what about capability? The Range Rover has always been able to scale mountains and ford raging rivers, something that will not change for 2022. This luxury SUV should have up to 11.6 inches of ground clearance and the ability to wade through 35.4 inches of water. For enhanced grip, a locking rear differential is standard, while the Terrain Response 2 system, with its six driver-selectable modes, allows you to tailor how the vehicle behaves on different surfaces, from snowy highways to boulder fields to sand dunes and practically everything in between.

A diverse portfolio of powertrains

Underneath its towering hood, the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover offers a diversity of powertrains, some as familiar as an old friend and others that are brand-spankin' new. The base offering is a 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 augmented by a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, which should provide a bit of extra oomph as well as seamless stop-start events. Altogether, this setup gets you 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

Next up, a new 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 sourced from BMW replaces Land Rover's old supercharged 5.0-liter. This unit delivers a stout 523 horsepower and 553 pounds of twist. The majority of models will be available with this engine, at least at the beginning.

How does a plug-in hybrid powertrain sound?

Land Rover

Beyond those two combustion offerings, a plug-in hybrid model with up to 434 horsepower and a whopping 62 miles of EV range should arrive in the US for the 2023 model year. This variant features a 38.2-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and a 105-kilowatt electric motor nestled inside the transmission.

Finally, the redesigned Range Rover will also be offered with a fully electric drivetrain, yes, fully electric. This all-battery-all-the-time model is expected to go on sale in 2024.

Modern luxury

In addition to legendary off-road capability, Range Rovers are all about luxury, something that is not changing here. In fact, this SUV is stepping up its game up by offering new materials, the latest tech and more passenger capacity.

But that doesn't mean elaborate. Like its exterior, the new Range Rover's cabin is a no-frills zone. "Interiors really shouldn't be complex," said McGovern. "This is modern luxury by design." The dashboard is strongly horizontal and mostly unadorned, an unusually clean affair.

Your typical superpremium leather and wood trimmings are offered, but Land Rover is also making more sustainable materials available in this SUV. Mixing things up, the company offers premium wool-blend fabric, as well as leather that's been tanned in a more environmentally friendly way. Cow-free materials are available across the range, too. Keeping things interesting, SV models come with lovely ceramic accents on the shifter, volume dial, temperature-control rings and other spots. These embellishments look great and feel even better. Intricate wood inlays can spice up the otherwise unadorned interior.

This cabin is uncluttered and extremely elegant. 

Land Rover

Providing additional visual zing is a gorgeous 13.1-inch curved touchscreen that's home to the automaker's Pivi Pro infotainment system. This multimedia array's interface is elegant and easy to use, making most common functions accessible within a couple taps. Pivi Pro also supports haptic feedback so it's easier to use while driving.

Naturally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported. Both smartphone mirroring systems can connect to the vehicle wirelessly. Amazon Alexa is integrated as well and does not require a separate phone or device to function. This enables you to check the weather or news and even schedule meetings using just your voice.

Aside from all that, a bright and crisp 13.7-inch digital instrument cluster is included. This panel features high-definition graphics and is reconfigurable. But if you still need more screens, a rear-seat entertainment system is optional. This includes a pair of 11.4-inch panes mounted on the back of the front seats. They feature an HDMI port and can connect to the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot, so riders have no shortage of entertainment options.

Certain models come with intricate wood inlays and even ceramic accents. 

Land Rover

Speaking of passengers, this new Land Rover Range Rover will be offered in standard- and long-wheelbase variants. But new for 2022, you'll be able to get the elongated model with three rows and room for up to seven people, a first for this vehicle. A superpremium four-seat model will also be available.

Comfort in this SUV is high. As you'd expect, the first two rows of seats are smashing, but the aft-most bench is hospitable, too. Adults should have little to complain about thanks to ample space and power controls. Designers also carried the interior's premium materials through to the aft-most bench, a rarity even in this class of vehicle.

A Meridian Signature Sound system is offered in the new Range Rover; it's standard on Autobiography and First Edition models. With 1,600 watts of power and 35 speakers, it should absolutely rock. Active noise cancellation is also part of this system. The four main headrests feature a pair 20W speakers that help create personal quiet zones that are supposedly akin to wearing noise-canceling headphones. 

The 2022 Range Rover SUV is one of the most cleanly styled vehicles available today.

Land Rover

Available next spring

With restrained design, more technology, enhanced luxury and a lineup of exciting new powertrains, there's a lot to get excited about with the 2022 Range Rover. In some ways, this SUV looks to be a cut above rivals like the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS, which is a major win for Land Rover and something that should keep this nameplate's highly loyal owners coming back for more.

The redesigned 2022 Range Rover should go on sale in the US next spring, though you can order one now. Expect it to start at around $105,000 including $1,350 in destination charges and then then go up from there… like, way up.

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