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2021 Ford Bronco configurator going live within a month

We'll finally get to build our own digital Broncos by September.

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Soon, very soon.


We get it because we share your feelings, readers. We want a 2021 Ford Bronco configurator just as badly as you do. Thankfully, it's coming very soon.

Ford spokesperson Mike Levine tweeted Sunday evening that we'll see the Bronco's configurator go live by September at the latest. We just need to hold on for a little while longer. Right now, Ford's website only includes breakdowns of the many trims the automaker will make available. Though, even with the descriptions, we still don't know how much some packages will cost, such as the already beloved Sasquatch Package that beefs the SUV up quite a bit.

Even without a configurator, fans lined up for the reborn icon. Ford said last week it secured reservations for over 150,000 Broncos in just two weeks. Supposedly, the figure led to an 18-month waitlist for a Bronco, though Ford did not confirm the piece of info with Roadshow.

Levine did confirm a separate piece of news in his tweet, however. We now know for certain that official orders for the Bronco will start in December ahead of a 2021 launch, likely in spring. For those who placed a reservation, they'll then work with Ford to convert the interest into an actual sale. And if you need to know which dealers will remain positive forces, the internet has already compiled a list of them that will not charge a mark up and even accept discounts like Ford's X-Plan.

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