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2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package hulks compared with standard SUV

Photos show the Sasquatch Package's big feet and they help make the Bronco look far beefier than the standard model.

2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch with standard Bronco and Wrangler
To squatch or not to squatch?
Bronco6G Forum

While we still don't know how much the handful of optional packages offered alongside 2021 Ford Bronco trims will cost, one of the most popular ones out of the gate seems to be the Sasquatch Package. It adds lots of extra off-road goods, but most importantly, it really helps beef the SUV up.

For those looking for a source of comparison, a Bronco6G forum poster was in the right place at the right time. They not only spotted a standard four-door Bronco next to a Bronco with the Sasquatch Package (the gray Bronco in the photo below), but the SUVs were traveling with a Jeep Wrangler, likely part of a competitive set. The photos posted Monday reveal the difference the Sasquatch Package makes with its 35-inch tires and other added features.

2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch with standard Bronco and Wrangler

I think lighter colors look better on the Bronco, but that's just me.

Bronco6G Forum

The package also includes Bilstein shocks and electronic front- and rear-locking differentials. Yes, this package is even available on the Bronco's base trim, so it won't exactly break the bank. Then again, we still need to know how much each add-on package costs...

Right now, there's just a tiny bit of trouble with the Sasquatch Package, though: Ford confirmed it's only available for Broncos with the 10-speed automatic transmission. If you want the big feet, you have to give up the seven-speed manual transmission. The automaker said it's open to feedback on making it available for models with the manual, so if you're displeased, be sure to make yourself heard around the internet.

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