2021 Ford Bronco discounts: These dealers say they won't mark up the hot SUV

As we've said before, it will definitely pay to shop around because some dealers will want to cash in on the Bronco hype.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door
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2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door

Find a good dealer and it will literally pay off.


The manufacturer's suggested retail price is simply that: a suggestion. Dealerships set the final price, and with a new vehicle as hot as the 2021 Ford Bronco, you can bet plenty will charge more than Ford suggests.

Enter the internet. The nice guys and gals at the Bronco6G forum have begun a master list of dealers' responses across the US after users ask them a very simple question -- does the dealer plan to incorporate additional dealer mark up?

The spreadsheet includes the state, city, name of the dealer and the answer to the question, and it's surprising how upfront some of the dealers have been in their answer. Lots of them have said yes, expect markups. Other said they don't plan to squeeze buyers for extra cash. A few have said it'll be a mix and named the 2021 Bronco First Edition as a prime candidate for marking up.

Other declared they're not sure what the policy will be, or suggested buyers reserve one if they don't want to fall victim to prices higher than the recommended price.

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We previously dove into how buyers can try and score a no-haggle discount on the 2021 Bronco as well through Ford's X-Plan. While the spreadsheet doesn't include a column, many users have already started asking if a specific dealer will honor the discount. Most of the time it looks like dealers will, but the forum post already includes a few dealers who've said don't plan on bringing any discounts to the table when buying a new Bronco.

That, savvy car shoppers, is how you know to avoid a specific dealer.

It sounds like for most people serious about picking up a Bronco next year, the best bet is to reserve one now. Reservations remain open and it only costs $100 to put your name down for one of the first examples.

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