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2020 Porsche Taycan: All the available colors and options

Following its premiere, we have details about all the a la carte options available for Porsche's new electric sedan.


In addition to revealing all the nitty-gritty details about the 2020 Taycan on Wednesday, Porsche launched the electric sedan's online configurator. That means we can see all the colors and wheels available for the new Taycan, and get a closer look at the available options -- and their prices.

Porsche already confirmed the Taycan's base price: $150,900 for the Turbo and $185,000 for the Turbo S. But note, those prices will increase to $153,310 and $187,610, respectively, after the cars officially hit dealers.

Porsche is offering the Taycan in a total of 10 colors to start -- though with enough money, we're sure Porsche will eventually paint your EV any color you want. The palette for the Taycan covers all the typical whites, blacks and silvers that you'd expect of any fine Teutonic machine, as well as a couple of surprising colors like two shades of blue -- one light and one dark -- as well as mamba green metallic and carmine red. Of all the shades offered, carmine red is the only one you'll have to pay extra for: $3,150 extra, to be exact.

Other exterior options include the choice of another style of wheel called the Taycan Exclusive Design wheel, for $600, or if you're feeling extra-fancy, you can get that same optional wheel with carbon fiber "Aeroblades" for -- get ready -- $4,510.

From there, things on the options list start to get a little more interesting. Many of Porsche's most popular options for its other vehicles make an appearance here, including Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport, which will set you back $3,590. The Taycan's two-speed rear axle is optional on lesser trims, but standard on the Turbo S.

One of the best options you can get for the Taycan Turbo S is actually free, and it's the deletion of the model designation on the back of the vehicle. If you, like a good portion of the automotive peanut gallery on Twitter, hate the fact that Porsche is slapping a Turbo badge on an electric car, this should be a must-tick option.

One of the best options for the new Taycan Turbo S is free, and it's the deletion of the car's model designation!


Inside, there are a variety of material and color options on hand, and the one we're really into is actually the leather-free option, which Porsche is calling Race-Tex. This combines a suedelike microfiber material (like Alcantara) with a textile material in the seats and doors. We like the option of not having animal-based products in an EV, even though, visually, the Race-Tex interior seems like it'd be more at home in one of Porsche's hard-core GT cars.

Something we find a little funny is the optional Premium Package that's available for $4,340. The idea that you'd have to pay extra for things like a panoramic roof, front seat ventilation and privacy glass on a car that has a starting price of $185,000 (Turbo S) is both a little funny and extremely typical of Porsche.

Other options include adaptive cruise control for $2,050 (which is kind of absurd to pay extra for at this level), or if you want that bundled with Porsche's InnoDrive system, it'll cost $3,610. Porsche's ParkAssist with surround-view camera is an additional $1,200. Porsche's excellent and catastrophically expensive Burmester stereo is available for nearly $6,000. Want the nifty passenger-seat touchscreen? That'll be $1,130.

This is what the best EV interior on Earth looks like -- tastefully spec'ed with no expense spared.


Porsche also has a few EV-specific options like its Intelligent Range Manager software that tailors maximum speed and air conditioning settings for optimal range on a selected route -- it's only $300. Want to charge faster at a regular DC fast-charging station? Buy Porsche's optional 150-kilowatt onboard charger for $460; the standard onboard charger will only do 50 kW at 400 volts.

Tick every option box, like the full Olea leather, carbon-accented wheels, Burmester stereo, all the tech, 18-way power seats and more, and expect to pay $225,470, not including destination.

The downside to this -- and the one which all the extremely dedicated Tesla fans are going to use as ammunition in internet flame wars -- is that the Model S is cheaper. The argument for Porsche's higher price for the Taycan is still strong because Porsche's build quality and engineering prowess are legendary for a reason. There's also the matter of customer relations and dealership networks.

Still, at the end of the day, if you're fortunate enough to be cross-shopping a Taycan Turbo S and a Model S Performance, you're pretty much in a no-lose situation.

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