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2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray will reportedly cost more in 2021

The mid-engine performance bargain is rumored to have a price hike in its future.

2020 Chevy Corvette Stingray
Whatever the price, it'll probably still be quite a value.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

It's fair to say Chevrolet earned a double jaw drop when it first said the mid-engine 2020 Corvette Stingray would cost under $60,000, and then revealed the starting price to be $59,995 after the destination fee. It might all be short-lived, however.

A Monday report from Motor Trend claims the sub-$60,000 price tag will be for just one model year. For the 2021 model year, the mid-engine Corvette will supposedly grow more costly, though the source did not share how much the price will climb. Looking back at the C7-generation Corvette's history of price increases, this does not seem far-fetched in the slightest.

A Chevrolet representative did not comment on the rumored news.

By announcing the base car with a $59,995 price, Chevy certainly earned the buzz the sports car deserves -- it's the first time the engine is moving from the front of the car for a production Corvette. However, now that the world is well aware the car is coming, and it'll be a bargain for its on-paper specs, the rumored news seems to earn more credibility. Vehicle prices do often increase slightly each year, and as Motor Trend points, out the C7-generation Corvette saw its fair share of price hikes.

The previous-generation Corvette Stingray originally started life as a $51,995 machine in 2014. A few months later, the price jumped to $53,993, then to $55,995 in 2015. There's a pattern here, and if demand for the C8 Corvette is as high as Chevy thinks it will be, the $59,995 price isn't likely to stick around long. In fact, General Motors says it will add a second shift to the Bowling Green, Kentucky, assembly plant to meet expected demand for the sports car.

Even for those hoping to find a true base model 2020 Corvette Stingray, I wish you luck. Dealers are really good at marking up desirable cars and the extra 5 horsepower atop the base car's 490 hp plus other performance goodies from the Z51 package will cost $5,000 more. A fully loaded Corvette Stingray will ring in at nearly $72,000.

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