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Xbox One X is here to rock your world

Microsoft's most powerful game console is finally here. Say hello to the Xbox One X.

Josh Miller
Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister
1 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

The Xbox One X is coming Nov. 7. In terms of sheer horsepower, it will be the most powerful home game console on the market. What does that actually mean? You'll want to read our review. 

But if you just want to feast your eyes on the new hardware -- and hear what it brings to the table -- click through this gallery for more.

2 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

What makes this Xbox One an "X," you ask? It's got a faster CPU, way faster graphics and more memory. Microsoft says it's got 4.5 times the horsepower of the original, which allows it to play (some) games at 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second.

3 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Oh, and it's black. Very black. 

4 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Plus, it's got an 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, something Sony's PS4 Pro conspicuously lacks.

XBox One X
5 of 23 Sarah Tew/CNET

And in spite of that horsepower, it's surprisingly small. Here it is on top of the already-pretty-small Xbox One S. It's slightly wider and deeper, but shorter.

(We've got a whole gallery of One X vs. One S comparison pics, BTW.)

6 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

But it's not until you pick up that controller that you can really see how small the Xbox One X truly is.

7 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Despite the size, you still get all the same ports in the exact same order -- to make it easier to swap out your old Xbox for a new one, says Microsoft. We'll take a closer look at these later in the gallery.

8 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

And of course, the Xbox One X comes with a controller. There are a few differences from the one that came with the very first Xbox One, which we'll get into later too.

9 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

The Xbox One X standing on end. It looks like it'd feel at home in a bookcase, if not for all the cords you'd need to plug in. 

10 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

(Also, you might want to add the optional vertical stand.)

11 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

The Xbox One X, particularly the early adopter Project Scorpio Edition, comes with a whole bunch of cool little touches for fans, like a tiny image of Master Chief riding a scorpion baked onto the motherboard. There's also this "Hello from Seattle" message engraved into the case.

12 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

And it's pretty cool how you can see a lot of the internals through the frame.

13 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Let's dive into ports. Beneath the light-up Xbox logo power button (which is a physical button this time round, yay!) you'll find the only front-mounted USB port and the button you use to sync controllers. The included Xbox controller should already be paired.

14 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Around back, the Xbox One X still includes the HDMI-in port to hook up your cable box or even another game console. But the bigger news here is on the left: unlike the original Xbox One, this bad boy has an internal power supply. No need to carry around an external brick.

(That's also true of the Xbox One S.)

15 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Most of the console's USB ports are around back. If you want to use Kinect, you'll plug in your USB adapter to one of these.

16 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

While many devices are ditching the S/PDIF optical audio jack (aka Toslink), it's alive and well on the Xbox One X. So is a physical Ethernet jack for networking, and a port to plug in an IR blaster to help control your home entertainment system. 

17 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Has it been a while since you picked up an Xbox One controller? Like, say, the original Xbox One? A few things have changed over the years -- like the texture of the plastic. It's grippier now.

18 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

There's also a 3.5mm headset/headphone jack in each and every controller, so you can play without disturbing other people just by plugging in a standard pair of headphones.

(The crazy connector in the center is for the old headset, or a chatpad, or some third-party peripherals.)

19 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

The shoulder buttons feel a teensy bit meatier than the original, and the triggers no longer squeak as often.

20 of 23 Josh Miller/CNET

Here's everything that comes in the box, hardware-wise: one (1) controller, one (1) power cable, one (1) beefy HDMI cable, two (2) AA batteries for the controller, and the Xbox One X box itself. 

XBox One X
21 of 23 Sarah Tew/CNET

Now for some more size comparisons. Here, the Xbox One X is sitting on top of the PS4 Pro.

XBox One X
22 of 23 Sarah Tew/CNET

From the top, you can see how much more compact the Xbox One X (left) is to the Sony PS4 Pro (right).

XBox One X
23 of 23 Sarah Tew/CNET

One last pic of the top consoles from Microsoft (left) and Sony (right), standing on their side.

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