Turn your 'Twin Peaks' watch party into a Lynchian vision

Order some doughnuts, find a good log and dive into "Twin Peaks" mythology and lore to launch your watch party to a new level of surreality.

Amanda Kooser
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Evoke the Owl Cave

The return of "Twin Peaks" beckons fans with new mysteries, familiar faces and a full-tilt dive into the enigmatic mind of director David Lynch. Honor the show's eccentricities by decorating with Red Room, owl and log motifs and serving up unusual doughnuts and damn fine cups of coffee.

The Owl Cave in Ghostwood National Forest gives us one of the most recognizable symbols in all of "Twin Peaks." The diamond shape with geometric wings has the advantage of being easy to draw. For this bit of decor, I drew a large version of the symbol on a chalkboard to set on the fireplace mantel near the television.

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Custom doughnuts

Doughnuts are right up there with cherry pies when it comes to "Twin Peaks"-related foods. The original series featured stacks and stacks of doughnuts and pink doughnut boxes. The Twin Peaks Sheriff Department officers even brought doughnuts along to munch on while investigating a crime scene. For viewing parties, you can pop into a shop and pick up a random dozen, or you could find a boutique doughnut maker to create a custom order like I did.

The doughnuts in this pic come from Albuquerque baker Rebel Donut. I emailed Rebel Donut some photos for inspiration showing the Red Room, the sheriff's uniform patch and the Owl Cave symbol. The order also included filled cherry pie doughnuts and coffee-flavored doughnuts.

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The owl is not what it seems

This owl might look familiar because you've seen ones just like it hanging from freeway underpasses and standing sentinel on the corners of buildings. I picked up this plastic great horned owl for $10 at a hardware store, filled the bottom with a few rocks to keep it steady and placed it on the mantel to watch over the "Twin Peaks" viewing proceedings. Those wide staring eyes offer just the right amount of mild discomfort.

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Chalk up the owl symbol

You might as well set the scene right from the start and greet guests to your "Twin Peaks" watch party with some references from the show. The Owl Cave symbol is easy to draw out in chalk on the walkway to your abode. Plus, it will make your neighbors wonder what you're up to in there.

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The original "Twin Peaks" series features an iconic scene in which Audrey Horne, playing at being an undercover detective, auditions for a spot in a brothel by tying a cherry stem with her tongue. All you need to evoke this footage is a bowl of red cherries (maraschino cherries if you want to be screen-accurate). Bonus points if you can find some with long stems and then attempt to follow in Audrey's tonguesteps. It's challenging, but not impossible.

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Leave cryptic messages

As long as you have some chalk, you might as well decorate your walkway with some more "Twin Peaks" messages. "Fire walk with me" is an obvious one, best rendered with red chalk. I also wrote "It is happening again" and "My log has something to tell you" on the sidewalk leading up to my porch.

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From living room to Red Room

The Red Room from the Black Lodge has a distinctive style to it consisting of red curtains and a black-and-white chevron floor. This wall hanging, a cloth rendition of a piece of fan art from retailer Society6, normally lives in my office, but I moved it into the living room for the "Twin Peaks" return premiere. It helps that my living room walls are already painted a dark, earthy red.

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"Twin Peaks" book collection

My personal "Twin Peaks" library ended up gracing all the tables in my living room, providing a bit of additional mythology for guests to browse before the premiere. The official books are "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer," "Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town" and the more recent "The Secret History of Twin Peaks," a fascinating dossier-style collection from "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost. See CNET's guide to everything "Twin Peaks" here.

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My log does not judge

Margaret Lanterman, better known as The Log Lady, is one of the most mysterious and iconic characters of "Twin Peaks." I found this log in my wood pile. It's not a dead ringer for the onscreen log, but it's a nice one. I wrapped it in plastic and set it in the sun for a day to encourage any creepy-crawlies to emerge before bringing it inside and placing it on the mantel for the premiere watch party.

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Damn good coffee and hot

"Twin Peaks" and damn fine coffee are forever entwined. But there's a problem here. The "Twin Peaks" return airs on Sunday evenings. Everybody has to go to work on Monday morning. We can't tank up on high-octane java and expect to sleep through the night, especially after witnessing the fresh nightmares and mysteries in the new series.

My solution was to pick up some very high-quality decaffeinated French roast that looks like midnight and tastes like the real deal, but won't keep us all up late. Plus, it goes great with biting the head off an owl-shaped doughnut.

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