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How to host a damn fine 'Twin Peaks' watch party

Your living room will whisper to your guests with doughnuts, owls and a wall hanging that transports you into the world of "Twin Peaks."

This owl will stare into your soul.
Amanda Kooser/CNET

Very minor spoilers ahead. "Twin Peaks" returned on Sunday night (here's a catch-up guide) in an electric haze of red curtains, evil doppelgangers and deadly apparitions. I welcomed a small group of fans over for the first in a series of watch parties for the new Showtime incarnation of the show.

Here's how I prepared, and how you can add a little extra "Twin Peaks" flair to your own viewing experience as we welcome the next 16 hours of its epic return. (Editors' note: Showtime is owned by CBS, CNET's parent company.)

I stood in my living room before it all began, surrounded by a log, an owl, black-and-white chevrons and a small library of "Twin Peaks" literature, the fire of years of anticipation running up my spine. The sweet and pungent smells of custom doughnuts and freshly ground coffee intermingled in the air.

Come with me into my own personal version of the Black Lodge and spend some time in the Red Room I created for the viewing party. My plan is to keep the decor on display throughout the run of the series. Here's how I turned my little living room into a portal to the town of Twin Peaks: