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Even when you were a child you were able to show off your work on the family fridge; why should that change now?

This easy-to-follow guide details a DIY method for turning your favorite Instagram shots into magnets.

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Play nice with Twitter

Remember when Facebook and Twitter decided to be really petty with one another and stop features from working across both networks? Instagram was a casualty of that silliness, but at least there's a solution.

By using If This Then That and a hash tag, you can force your photos to properly display in Twitter's timeline.

It's simple and free. Read more here.

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Editing tools

Once upon a time, Instagram didn't offer any editing tools. That changed awhile back, when Instagram gave users granular editing tools.

Instagram is attempting to be the only app you use for your photo needs, but does it do enough? You be the judge.

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Desktop publishing

Instagram may offer a website for you to view profiles, but the ability to upload from the desktop is nowhere to be found.

With this neat trick, you're able to upload directly from your computer without Instagram knowing any better.

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Download a photo or video

Sometimes you see an Instagram photo or video that you just have to have a copy of. The process for saving such a thing from your Android device is anything by straightforward, that is, unless you use EasyDownloader.

Nicole Cozma walks you through the ins and outs of downloading Instagram content on your Android device.

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Embed content

If you run a website, either professional or personal, odds are there will be a time when you want to embed content from Instagram into a post or Web page.

Thankfully, Instagram has an official method for making this happen.

Here's what you need to know.

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Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct allows you to send photos and videos directly to another Instagram user (or users), where you can then chat and share more content.

If you're like most Instagram users, you've likely never used the feature. Send your first Instagram Direct after reading this guide.

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Back up and delete your account

When Facebook had first acquired Instagram, there was a mad rush to back up and delete entire Instagram accounts. Even brands were getting in on the chaos.

Things have settled down since that time, but users who grow tired of seeing filtered brunch pics may still want to back up and take their photos elsewhere.

This post walks you through the process.

Editors' note: This gallery was originally published June 17, 2014. It's since been updated to reflect changes new Instagram features.

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