How to embed Instagram photos, videos

Instagram has finally made it possible to easily embed photos and videos. Here's how it works.

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In the past the only way to post an Instagram photo on a Web page was to upload and post the photo directly. This wasn't a huge deal, so long as the photo was properly attributed. Then Instagram rolled out its video feature and there was no easy way to embed a video on a Web page.

The need to embed Instagram content was now front and center.

Today Instagram announced that users can now embed content into any Web page using a short embed code for each photo or video. Not only does this new feature allow videos to be embedded, but it also ensures that all content used from Instagram is properly attributed.

To embed content from Instagram on a Web page you'll need to visit the photo or video using your favorite browser. While viewing the page, you'll notice a new Share button under the usual Comment and Like buttons.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Currently clicking on the Share button will only provide you with the embed code. From there you simply copy and paste it into a blog post, a personal Web site, or on any Web page you can use HTML with.

The end results look like this:

Notice that when you click on the username located at the top, it takes you directly to the Instagram page for the photo. From there you can like or comment on it as you normally would through the app or site. When viewing an embedded video, you can click on the image to start playback.


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