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The Brita Infinity is a water pitcher with Wi-Fi built in. Sync everything up, and it'll track your water usage, then order a replacement filter when the time is right. Click through to see some more.

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The pitcher's pitch

The Brita Infinity costs $45 -- $20 more than an identical-looking Brita pitcher with no smarts to speak of.

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It's in the lid

For your extra 20 bucks, the pitcher will track your fill-ups by way of a sensor in the lid. Whenever you hold it open for a few seconds, it'll count that as a fill-up. Lower the lid back down, and those lights will illuminate to show you how far along into the filter's life cycle you are. Once you hit 40 gallons, the pitcher will go ahead and order a replacement filter via Amazon Dash replenishment.

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Sync it up

The Brita website will walk you through the setup process, which has you connect the pitcher to your home's Wi-Fi network.

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Connect with Amazon

Once the pitcher is connected, you'll have the option of turning the automatic Amazon orders on.

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Fill it up

From there, you'll use this smart pitcher like you would any other pitcher.

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The pitcher holds eight cups of water. Empty it once a day, and the filter should last you about three months.

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Worth it?

The real question is whether or not this pitcher is worth $20 more than the identical-looking, non-connected model. We have a few thoughts on the matter -- check out our hands-on post for more.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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