2016 gift guide: 'Shark Tank' edition!

From smart home-enabled Christmas tree lights to adorable Hanukkah plushies, these gifts are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

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Beard Head

This specialty knit hat company made a huge splash in the "Shark Tank" in Season 7 with this Santa hat, worn by Mr. Wonderful.

You can get one of your own for $29.99 at BeardHead.com.

2 of 17 Fizzics

Fizzics Beer System

It may look like a Keurig, but Fizzics isn't for breakfast time...unless you like beer at breakfast. This clever machine uses sound waves to improve the foam and mouthfeel of bottled and canned beers, making them taste more like draft.

Fizzics scored a huge $2 million deal on Season 8 of "Shark Tank." You, meanwhile, can score a deal on the $169.99 system direct from the Fizzics website.

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Tipsy Elves

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a holiday favorite. Tipsy Elves, which scored a deal with Robert Herjavec in Season 5, has turned the new tradition into big business, offering a slew of spectacularly terrible wardrobe options for your next holiday party.

You can browse the best of the worst at TipsyElves.com.

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Wicked Good Cupcakes

Thinking of sending baked goods this holiday? Massachusetts-based Wicked Good Cupcakes does all the hard work for you, packing two delicious cupcakes in an easy-to-ship jar.

This season, the company is offering a holiday two-pack for $19.99 with $5 flat-rate shipping.

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Mensch on the Bench

The Elf on the Shelf isn't the only game in town. Neal Hoffman created a fun new Hanukkah tradition with Mensch on the Bench, a book-and-plush-doll combo that teaches children about the Jewish holiday.

You can find the Mensch on the Bench at the company's official website for $29.99.

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Leaux Racing Trikes

This definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill tricycle. Leaux Racing Trikes are legit, high-performance velocipedes with a rear steering handle that lets you drift, glide and perform all sorts of cool tricks.

The Sharks loved the trikes when teenage inventor Tyler Hadzicki showed them off during Season 7, though not enough to secure a deal. That shouldn't stop you, though. You can purchase your own Leaux direct from the company for $350.

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The Painted Pretzel

Don't you dare send another tin of popcorn this year. Instead, check out the infinitely tastier wares from Season 3's The Painted Pretzel, which offers an impressive range of sweet and salty treats that include caramel pretzel turtles and peanut butter chip pretzel rods.

You can shop the company's wares at thepaintedpretzel.com.

8 of 17 Geekmytree

GlowFlakes smart home Christmas tree lights

Want to give the gift of a smarter Christmas tree this year? The smart home-enabled GlowFlakes Christmas tree lights from Geekmytree offers 40 built-in effects and 64 different color options, all of which are controlled from your phone.

Kevin O'Leary signed a $225,000 deal with Geekmytree in Season 7. Thankfully, you don't need to spend anywhere near that much to get your hands on GlowFlakes for your tree. You can find them at Home Depot and other retailers for $129.99.

9 of 17 Tactibite

Tactibite fish call

Looking for the perfect gift for a fishing enthusiast? As seen on Season 8 of the show, the electronic Tactibite call uses sounds and vibrations to attract all types of fish, making them much easier to catch.

You can find the Tactibite at thefishcall.com for $99.99 each, or two for $139.98.

10 of 17 Trobo


If you're looking for a fun-but-educational gift for children ages 2-5, check out Season 7's Trobo. It's an interactive stuffed toy that works in conjunction with an iOS device to teach STEM topics, such as, "How does a car work?" and "What is lightning?"

You can purchase the cuddly bot at mytrobo.com for $69.99.

11 of 17 Trunkster

Trunkster smart luggage

Trunkster smart luggage helps make trips just a little bit easier, with a built-in battery (10,400 mAh) to charge devices while you're stuck on a layover. It also tells you how heavy it is when packed, so you can avoid nasty fees for overweight luggage. It even connects to your phone, so you can track it at all times.

Trunkster was a hit on Season 7, when the company landed a $1.4 million investment from Marc Cuban and Lori Grenier. You can buy yours direct from trunkster.co for $365.

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Happy Feet

Keep everyone's toes warm this winter with Happy Feet, comfy slippers with fun designs. You can choose from animal-themed slippers, NFL-themed "sneaker" slippers, Dreamworks character slippers and more.

Happy Feet scored a deal with Robert Herjavec back in Season 5. Today, you can score your own deal over at the company's website, where prices start at $15 per pair.

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X PlusOne drone

Drones are proving to be not only hot gifts but also hot investment prospects. This professional-grade model, plus the promise of a "phone drone" in 2017, set off a massive million-dollar bidding war for parent company xCraft during Season 7.

The GoPro-ready X PlusOne reaches a top speed of 62 mph and has precise hovering capabilities, not to mention the smarts to follow you wherever you go. It doesn't come cheap, though: A build-your-own drone kit starts at $495 at the company's website, with fully assembled models starting at $695.

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Squatty Potty

Want to go the gag gift route? Check out Squatty Potty, the best-selling bathroom accessory that helps you assume a squatting position on the porcelain throne, making it easier to poop. Seriously.

You can find the plastic version of the stool at Bed Bath & Beyond for $29. A fancier teak-finished version is available direct from Squatty Potty for $60.

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Citikitty toilet training kit

While you're at it, why don't you help your feline friends defecate as well? Citikitty, a Season 2 sensation, actually teaches cats to use a toilet. (We were skeptical too, but there are plenty of Citikitty success stories on YouTube.)

You can purchase yours at citikitty.com for $26.99.

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Illumibowl toilet light

OK, we promise: Just one more bathroom-themed gift and we'll get our minds out of the toilet. The motion-activated Illumibowl lights up the inside of your toilet in the middle of the night, and it's available in festive colors!

You can find the Illumibowl for $12.99 at the company's website. You can also find it at Walmart and other retailers.

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Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breacher has been one of our favorite "Shark Tank" success stories: The ammo-themed bottle opener company, founded by a former Navy SEAL, employs military veterans and gives a portion of its proceeds to veterans' charities.

Bottle Breachers come in a variety of finishes (black, brass and chrome) and can be personalized. Prices start at $21 at bottlebreacher.com.

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