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Make your bottled beer more bubbly with Fizzics Waytap

The Fizzics Waytap trims down the original Fizzics while keeping the tech that makes your bottled beer taste more like it came from the tap.


A year after surprising us with a sonic-powered beer enhancer, Fizzics is launching a crowdfunding campaign today for a new device called the Fizzics Waytap. Like the first Fizzics, you'll put your bottled beer into Waytap, and it'll use sound waves to give you a smooth pour topped by a creamy head -- making your store bought beer taste like it came from the tap at your favorite bar.

The biggest difference between the original Fizzics and the new Waytap is the appearance -- it's smaller, thinner, and lighter than before. You'll also put your beer into the device differently. You open the lid of the first Fizzics, place your bottle into the body of the device, then guide the tap's hose into place while closing the lid. Waytap wants to make the process more simple and sanitary. The whole top of the cylinder comes off, you put your beer on the base, then as you put the top back, the hose should go into the bottle on its own.

A smooth pour


Fizzics on the left; Waytap on the right.


With both devices, once the container is sealed, pull the tap handle forward and the Fizzics Micro-Foam technology will steadily pour your beer out under pressure. Once your glass is almost full, push the handle in the opposite direction, and Fizzics will agitate the carbonation of the beer remaining in the bottle, and top off your glass with a frothy head of foam.

When I tested the first Fizzics, I thought the whole idea of using sound to make bottled beer taste better sounded like elaborate fiction, but it works. Fizzics genuinely made beer frothier and creamier. I didn't always find that to be a positive thing, as it sometimes muted hoppier beers, but it made any chocolate or spicy notes pop and did make some bottled beers taste better and closer to their draft variety.


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Given that the Waytap will be using the same technology as Fizzics, I have every reason to suspect it will have similar success. I didn't really find the original Fizzics too big or too difficult to use, though, so the Waytap doesn't look to fix any of my issues with the original product. The smaller size actually eliminates one of the cool uses of the original Fizzics -- pouring growlers. The Waytap can't fit them.

However, I'm sure the smaller size will appeal to some and it can still fit both bottles and cans. Plus, Waytap is cheaper than Fizzics -- it'll retail for $130 whereas Fizzics costs $170. Via the Kickstarter campaign, you can preorder Waytap now for discounts off of that price and it'll ship anywhere in the world. The US price converts to roughly £100 and AU$170. The Fizzics price converts to £130 and AU$230 (plus tax).

The original Fizzics was a crowdfunding success too, so if you like the look of the new Waytap and like your beer frothy, I'd call preordering Waytap a pretty safe bet.

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