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5. The Conjuring 2

The sequence takes viewers through a haunted house from Warner Bros. with spooky sights across all 360 degrees. The VR video featured startling moments, with doors creaking and scary demons jumping at you out of the dark. The VR experience was made as a promotion for the film "The Conjuring 2."

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4. Six Flags | Twisted Colossus

If you couldn't get to the roller coaster ride in California, this might have been the next best thing. The 360 video has viewers seated right up at the front of the ride, as it climbs up 121 feet before blasting you down the first drop and back up again for a second thrill. At least in this version, you can move your arms and legs as much as you want.

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3. Invisible | Trailer

The series from "Bourne Identity" director Doug Liman is a supernatural thriller experienced entirely through VR. You follow the perspective of Tatiana Ashland, an heiress who's being terrorized by scheming family members who are invisible and trying to kill her. A plot where you can't really see the killers translated pretty well on VR -- keep turning to look for them! So far, there've been five episodes of the series.

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2. Six Flags | Tatsu

This ride is the second roller coaster on the list, and for good reason. It's the world's tallest and fastest flying coaster, where you're not seated, but hanging. Once your VR strap is secured, the ride chugs you up and sends you through loops and drops, hitting more than 60 miles an hour. This dizzying virtual affair may have you needing a nonvirtual barf bag.

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1. The Beginning

It's no roller coaster, but this "ride" from Singularity Lab has the viewer in a time and space machine looking through the Big Bang and walking among the dinosaurs. The clip ends with an asteroid barreling toward the planet. Spoiler alert: All the dinosaurs die. This VR clip is the calmest of the Top 5. Maybe people need to wind down after all the thrills and chills.

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