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2016 was a roller coaster year for Samsung VR -- literally

Turns out people really like being scared when they're wearing Samsung's virtual reality headset.


Roller coasters were heavy hitters on VR through the Samsung Gear this year.

Sarah Tew/CNET

There is no chill in virtual reality.

In the VR world, where you can relax in space or cruise on a go-kart, people prefer chaotic thrills instead.

In a year where virtual reality is being pursued by tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, the platform has seen advances in both hardware and in the medium's immersive storytelling experiences. Though VR has struggled to gain popularity and hit mainstream shelves, its early adopters seem to have a preference when it comes to content: the wilder, the better.

In 2016, the content most viewed on Samsung's VR service was dominated by a need for speed, with supernatural demons and roller coasters in 360 degrees. So much for VR and chill.

Here's a look at 2016's Top 5 most-watched experiences on Samsung VR, according to the company.

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