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The best mobile accessories for Christmas

Tablet and smartphone accessories can make a great gift for the tech lover in your family or circle of friends. Here are some of our favourites.

1 of 10 Sarah Tew/CNET

Great mobile accessory gifts for Christmas

Tablet or smartphone, mobile accessories can be a great low-cost stocking stuffer for the gadget lover in your life. Here are just a few ideas to get you started as we count down to Christmas!

2 of 10 Cygnett

Cygnett ChargeUp

In the current world, no one is going to be complaining about having too much battery life. The ChargeUp from Cygnett is a low-cost portable battery pack that lets you keep an additional 4,400mAh of charge tucked away in your bag for whenever you need it. It's hard to imagine anything more useful for just AU$40.

3 of 10 Sarah Tew/CNET

Creative Aurvana Live 2

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that the average smartphone or tablet is in possession of a truly terrible speaker system. If you're listening to music, watching movies or playing games then you want more than just tiny tinny speakers.

Enter the Creative Aurvana Live 2 - a set of top notch headphones that'll only set you back AU$100. It might not have the big brand name, but Creative have been making quality audio products for a long time now.

4 of 10 Dog and Bone

Dog and Bone Wetsuit range

Dog and Bone have combined water-proofing and ruggedisation with its range of Wetsuit cases. The range provides IP68 resistance to water and dust meaning it's completely resistant to both. Even better, it adds MIL-STF-810F, meaning it's even protection for your device against drops of over 2 metres.

The range runs across the full gamut of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 5s, as well as the Galaxy S4 and the iPad Air. They don't come cheap -- around AU$97 for the iPhone 6 version -- but they are very good.

5 of 10 Sarah Tew/CNET

LG G Watch R

Smartwatches aren't anything new, but we're finally seeing a few stylish ones on the market, and the round G Watch R from LG is one of the nicest.

The Android Wear OS means this pairs with any brand of Android phone, while the battery life is improved from the previous generation -- you can get around two days before you'll need to charge.

Available from both the Google Play store and retailers such as Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.

6 of 10 Logitech

Logitech AnyAngle

Is your iPad jealous of the Surface 3 Pro and its clever, adjustable kickstand? Logitech's AnyAngle will kick that scrub to the curb! The case has a hinge that lets you adjust to any angle with a 50-degree range, as well as offering some bump and shock protection.

The case range is for iPad Air 2, as well as Mini, Mini with Retina and Mini 3 -- and it'll set you back AU$69.95.

7 of 10 Casebuddy

Note 4 'Vintage Leather' Case

Looking for something for the Android-user in your life? Anyone with the super-sized Note 4 will appreciate this vintage leather-look wallet case. Designed so you can access all ports and -- of course -- still remove the stylus with ease, this case also has a microfibre lining to actually buff and clean your screen when closed.

It also comes in at a budget -- just AU$45 is hard to beat.

8 of 10 Logitech

Logitech Case+

Logitech's modular case system is one of the cleverest on the market. Each case in the range has a hidden metal plate that lets it work with any of the mounting accessories.

Cases vary from the very simple, through to ones that a kickstand for watching videos, through to a wallet case and even one that packs in an additional battery. Mounts include the Drive, which uses a suction cap to stick to your window and the clever Trip, which clips to the air vents in your car.

9 of 10 STM

STM Flip for iPhone 6 Plus

If you're nervous about just how much glass is exposed on the front of the iPhone 6 Plus then the Flip Cover from STM might be perfect.

It uses micro-suction cup to stay closed, and also has two card slot built in to the inside of the cover -- they'll be perfect for an Opal, Myki or even work pass. The Flip is even designed so you still have full access to your camera, speakers and all the ports. Only AU$40.

10 of 10 Strike Alpha

Strike Alpha Cradle

This professionally installed car cradle does more than just hold your phone for you while you drive. It also features a signal boosting external antenna, charges your phone (or tablet) while plugged in and is fully compliant with all Australian hands-free laws.

The range is massive across a huge range of manufacturers and handsets -- and if you're feeling super tech-savvy, you can buy a DIY version to install yourself.

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