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Creative Aurvana Live 2 review: Impressive sound and comfort for less than $100

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The Good The Creative Aurvana Live 2 is a very comfortable and affordable over-the-ear headphone that sounds great for the money. It has an inline remote/microphone for making cell-phone calls.

The Bad It looks a bit plasticky.

The Bottom Line While it sounds significantly different form the original Aurvana Live, the new Aurvana Live 2 is also a very good over-the-ear headphone value.

8.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 7
  • Sound 8
  • Value 9

Creative's original Aurvana Live headphone became a fan favorite among audiophiles because it delivered rich, well-balanced sound for less than $100. Now we get the Creative Aurvana Live 2, which lists for $130, but can be had online for less than $100 (£100 in the UK and AU$100 in Australia).

Aside from the name, these two over-the-ear headphones don't share much in common. Creative has completely updated the design and while this new model feels a little plasticky, it's a very comfortable headphone and -- unlike the previous model -- includes an inline remote and microphone for making cell phone calls. It also comes with simple cloth carrying pouch and its wide, flat, tangle-resistant headphone cord is detachable.


The original Aurvana Live had more of a neutral, audiophile sound, while this model has more of a smiley-face sound signature with the bass and treble a little hyped. In fact, there's quite a bit of bass, but the headphones deliver decent clarity and sound pretty open for a closed-back headphone.

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