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Available for pre-order now, the August Smart Keypad is a new accessory for one of our favorite smart locks. Click through to see what it does.


The main appeal here is that the keypad allows you to let people in regardless of whether or not they have a compatible smart phone. Before, they needed to own an Android or iOS device and download the app before you could grant them a digital key. Now, you can just program a code for them.


Those codes can be user-specific, they can be permanent, or they can be one-time use only. You can also set limits on when each code will work.

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The keypad mounts wherever you like outside of your home, and connects to the lock via Bluetooth. It's designed to take up as little space as possible.


The August Smart Keypad is up for pre-order now at a price of $80 (£50/AU$110, converted roughly). It's expected to ship out in the US within the next four to eight weeks. August tells us that UK and Australian sales are coming a little further down the line.

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