The August Smart Lock is still our favorite way to bring connected smarts to your front door, and today, it's getting even smarter. Along with a doorbell camera accessory and a new version of the lock that's compatible with the HomeKit system in Apple's iPhones and iPads, the company is adding an $80 smart keypad accessory to the mix. Stick it up outside of your home and pair it with the lock using August's app, and you'll be able to get inside by entering a code.

That's a handy addition for anyone who wants to control the lock without using their phone, or for anyone who needs to grant entry to someone who doesn't use a smartphone. Another point of appeal: You can stick the keypad wherever you like, provided it's in Bluetooth range of the lock. That means you could put it someplace subtle and unseen, and use it as an emergency backup for times when you're locked out without your phone on you. (Or, you know, your keys. Remember those?)


Codes can be permanent or one-time-use only, and you'll be able to set limits on when they'll work, too. Like with the original means of sharing access via the app, there's no fee or service charge for adding users into the system.

The keypad itself is slim in profile, and designed to take up as little space as possible. August envisions people using it in conjunction with the new August Doorbell Cam -- as such, the two are designed to sit side-by-side on your door frame. We aren't convinced that the doorbell cam will fit particularly narrow door frames on its own, let alone with the keypad sitting beside it, but that's something we'll look into once we get the new gear in for review.

The August Smart Keypad is available for pre-order starting today, and is expected to ship out to US buyers within the next four to eight weeks.

UK and Australia sales aren't open just yet, but August tells us that they're in the works -- that $80 price point converts roughly to just over £50 in the UK, or about AU$110 in Australia. As for the lock itself, the original will now sell for $200 (£130/AU$275), while the new HomeKit-compatible version will cost $230 (£150/AU$315).