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The coolest things you can get at Walmart for under $50

Android, Razor, Funko Pop -- shop for your whole family and still have dough left over to treat yourself.

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Jessica Learish
Pangea Brands via Walmart.com
1 of 54 Amoldar via Walmart.com

The coolest things you can get at Walmart for under $50

You already know you can buy groceries and clothing at Walmart. But did you know the giant retailer carries some really fun, strange, and dare we say it -- cool -- stuff, too?

But don't take our word for it. We've rounded up the coolest things you can get at Walmart for under $50, so you can find a great new toy for yourself, a fun gift for a friend, or just use up those last few holiday gift cards.

2 of 54 Pacific Play Tents via Walmart

A cozy teepee for your dog

Regular dog beds are so yesterday. This stylish and minimalist dog tent is a lot more fun.

3 of 54 Galaxy Wireless via Walmart.com

This 3D pen

Use this pen to develop spatial thinking, nurture art skills, or just draw Minions.

4 of 54 Kano via Walmart.com

Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Learn the basics of coding -- or teach your kids -- while building a cool motion sensor and taking on the Empire.

5 of 54 Luxe Bidet via Walmart.com

Luxe bidet

This luxurious bidet attachment will upgrade your toilet from boring old bathroom feature to something out of a spa. It features dual nozzles as well as a pressure knob to adjust to your preferred settings. 

6 of 54 Google via Walmart.com

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini Charcoal is a smart speaker that can help you set timers, look up answers to questions, play music and more. 

7 of 54 Belham Living via Walmart.com

A beautiful, geometric terrarium

Keep your plants both alive and hip-looking with this modern and stylish terrarium.

8 of 54 WowWee via Walmart.com

Baby shark that sings

Opening and closing the mouth of this cute shark puppet will sing the entire Baby Shark song. Move the mouth at different speeds to have the song over with as quickly (or very quickly) as you want. 

9 of 54 Google via Walmart.com


You can stream from your phone to your TV with the cool Chromecast.

10 of 54 Razer via Walmart.com

Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is perfect for anyone playing a game that requires the most accurate mouse movement. 

11 of 54 Lickety Split via Walmart.com

A three-pound bag of dehydrated marshmallow bits

Here you go: all the best parts of breakfast cereal without any of that "whole grains" business. 

12 of 54 Thames and Kosmos via Walmart.com

My Robotic Pet tumbling hedgehog

Entertain your kids (or Dr. Robotnik) for hours building this 172-piece robotic hedgehog. 

13 of 54 Northwest via Walmart.com

USB-powered bladeless fan

This portable desk fan won't get stuck in your hair because it doesn't have any blades. It also includes a color-changing light. 

14 of 54 Super Soaker via Walmart.com

Super Soaker Floodtastic Water Blaster 4 Pack

Reenact John Wick movies all summer long with this 4-pack of Super Soaker Floodtastic water guns.

15 of 54 Victrola via Walmart.com

Mint green record player

This suitcase turntable is as stylish as it is functional. Play vintage records or something off your phone, using its built-in Bluetooth to stream music.

16 of 54 Fifth Sun via Walmart.com

The Mandalorian long-sleeve tee

This tee makes a great gift for a friend who just downloaded Disney Plus and is newly obsessed with theStar Wars series. 

17 of 54 JBL via Walmart.com

JBL Clip 3 portable bluetooth speaker

This JBL Clip 3 is easy to transport and has a long battery life.

18 of 54 rbrella via Walmart.com

This reversible umbrella

Rather than close down on itself and get you wet, the reverse umbrella closes upward, trapping all that pesky rain. 

19 of 54 Chemex via Walmart.com


This coffee maker looks incredibly chic in your kitchen and makes for an amazing housewarming present. 

20 of 54 Fitbit via Walmart.com

Fitbit Aria Air smart scale

This scale pairs with your phone and Fitbit. It will also show you your BMI in the Fitbit app.

21 of 54 Hasbro


This card game connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It challenges you to combine elements of different songs (say, a chorus from The Chainsmokers and a beat from Skrillex) to create new mixes.

It's not a perfect game experience, but making new songs can be a lot of fun, and a recent price cut from $100 makes this game worth a serious look.

22 of 54 Great Northern via Walmart.com

A retro popcorn popping machine

You can have high-quality, fast popcorn without that burning smell in your microwave.

23 of 54 Gymax via Walmart.com

Bamboo monitor riser

This stylish monitor riser includes built-in slots for things like your phone, office supplies, cups and mugs. 

24 of 54 Onn via Walmart.com

Android Onn 7-inch tablet

Walmart.com reviewers love the easy setup of this tablet.

25 of 54 Aqueon via Walmart.com

Waterfall aquarium

This small fish tank was designed to house three separate beta fish. Plus, its waterfall feature provides a constant flow of filtered water to your pets.  

26 of 54 AT Games via Walmart

Legends Flashback Gaming Console

The Legends Flashback console comes preloaded with 50 classic games, including Super Street Fighter II, Tetris, Galaga, Burgertime and more.

27 of 54 KitchenPRO via Walmart.com

KitchenPro portable espresso machine

Make espresso anywhere you go with this mini handheld espresso maker. 

28 of 54 Brentwood via Walmart.com

An animal-shaped waffle maker

Everyone loves cute animals, and most everyone loves waffles. And EVERYONE loves removable non-stick plates. 

29 of 54 Nerf via Walmart.com

Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster

This Nerf gun includes a trigger safety, and reviewers say it's easy to load.

30 of 54 Maglite via Walmart.com

Maglite 2D led flashlight

This flashlight has a beam distance of 412 meters. 

31 of 54 Himalayan Salt Lamp via Walmart.com

Himalayan salt lamp

Bring a warm pink glow (and good vibes) anywhere you go with this Himalayan salt lamp. 

32 of 54 Moj Moj via Walmart.com

Claw machine game

Your kids will love playing with this teeny arcade game. Don't worry about filling it up with prizes when you first buy it -- the Moj Moj claw machine comes with plastic eggs filled with little goodies. 

33 of 54 Wockenfuss via Walmart.com

Wockenfuss Candies chocolate-covered Oreos

Enjoy Oreos covered in milk and dark Wockenfuss chocolate. They're even better frozen.

34 of 54 EEEkit via Walmart.com

HUD GPS speedometer

Always keep your eyes on the road, not on all your car's crazy features. This gadget displays your speed and driving direction on to your windshield so you have no excuse not to see it. Plus, it has an over-speed alarm to keep you in check. 

35 of 54 Play-Doh via Walmart.com

Play-Doh 20-pack

What's better than only a few colors of Play-Doh? Twenty colors of Play-Doh. Plus, they have that great retro smell.

36 of 54 Trademark Poker via Walmart.com

Poker chip set

Walmart shoppers love the high quality of this poker chip set.

37 of 54 Crazy Dog T-Shirts via Walmart.com

Dog security shirt

Your pups are the protectors of your house. Now dress them like it.

38 of 54 Pangea Brands via Walmart.com

Death Star waffle maker

The Empire's ultimate weapon is now your breakfast. That's not a moon, that's delicious.

39 of 54 Sphero via Walmart.com

App-controlled robotic wheel

This app-enabled robot can do cool tricks on a variety of surfaces, including turf, trail and track.

40 of 54 Royal Bath via Walmart.com

Glow-in-the-dark blanket

This blanket is decorated with stars that glow in the dark after being exposed to light. Plus, it's machine washable. 

41 of 54 Intex via Walmart.com

French fries pool float

Get your Instagram caption ready for a pic on this super cute pool floaty. 

42 of 54 Glarry via Walmart.com


This basswood ukulele is lightweight and perfect for beginners. 

43 of 54 Intex via Walmart.com

Bucking bull pool float

Crank up the fun on your pool party by busting out this floatie designed to look just like a mechanical bull. It can't throw you or spin you in circles but you're sure to have a heck of a time trying to keep from sliding off. 

44 of 54 Jetson via Walmart.com

Jetson Helix kick scooter

This scooter has a light up stem and deck that you can get in pink or blue. 

45 of 54 Blizzard via Walmart.com

Overwatch: Legendary Edition

Give the gift of the mega-popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch this year. 

46 of 54 EpicGadget via Walmart.com

A running belt for all your gadgets

Keep your necessities on you while you run or bike with this water-resistant, reflective running belt.

47 of 54 BBQ Masters via Walmart.com

Meat claws with cooking gloves

Protect your hands whether you're shredding or serving meat with these claws and gloves. 

48 of 54 Foamily via Walmart.com

Pineapple corer

Get the fruit out of your pineapple easily with this stainless steel pineapple corer. 

49 of 54 Amoldar via Walmart.com

Taco dinosaur

These dinosaur-shaped taco holders are a super fun addition to your dinner table.  

50 of 54 Funko via Walmart.com

Thor vs. Thanos Funkos

These battling Thor and Thanos Funko Pops are available on Walmart.com.

51 of 54 Lego via Walmart.com

Lego Hidden Side augmented-reality graveyard mystery

Download the Hidden Side app and scan your creation with a phone to elevate this 335-piece Lego play set into an immersive experience. 

52 of 54 Razor via Walmart.com

Razor Ripstik Caster Board

Show off your moves in 360-degree style. Just remember to wear a helmet!

53 of 54 L.O.L. Surprise! via Walmart.com

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Lights Groovy Babe Fashion Doll

According to the product listing, "Groovy Babe is the big sister to fan favorite L.O.L. Surprise! character, Beatnik Babe." Now you know.

54 of 54 Treasure Gurus via Walmart.com

"Come back with a warrant" doormat

Pretend to be an outlaw on the run with this firm, funny doormat.

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