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Star Wars Vintage Collection Baby Yoda could join The Mandalorian's Razor Crest set

Hasbro uses its HasLab platform to make sure there's sufficient interest in Mando's ship, which will cost you $350.

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Hasbro's Vintage Collection Razor Crest from The Mandalorian met its 6,000-backer crowdsourcing goal on Hasbro Pulse platform HasLab, but is accepting backers until Nov. 9.

Pictured here is the prototype.

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If the ship gets 10,000 backers, Hasbro will add a Baby Yoda (official name: The Child) figure. Nevarro is the planet Mando returned him to in the show's third episode.

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The Vintage Collection Baby Yoda comes with his adorable pram.

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The little guy has the Razor Crest gear shaft knob.

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He also has a bowl, for some meme-worthy sipping moments.

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The pram has some nice detailing inside.

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The pram can close to keep its passenger safe.

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The first stretch goal was an escape pod accessory, which was added after the ship got 8,000 backers.

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The prototype render isn't painted but reveals that there are plenty of removable parts.

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It comes with a 3.75-inch Mando figure, in his shiny Beskar armor (also unpainted here).

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It'll be 30 inches long, including the main cannons, and 20 inches wide.

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There's plenty of detailing on the hull.

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Before Mando took ownership of the Razor Crest, it was a military ship.

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The rear and side doors open, and the ramps can be lowered.

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At last, a Star Wars toy with a space toilet.

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You can check out Mando's armory.

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It's 10.5 inches tall when sitting on its landing gear. 

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It looks impressive from every angle.

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