Hasbro wants to add Baby Yoda figure to The Mandalorian's $350 Razor Crest

Exclusive: The crowdfunded Star Wars Vintage Collection ship blew past its first stretch goal Tuesday, and Hasbro will add a Baby Yoda figure if it gets 10,000 backers.

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If the Razor Crest hits 10,000 backers, Hasbro will add a Baby Yoda figure.


The $350 Razor Crest from The Mandalorian is blasting into Hasbro's Vintage Collection after Mando's badass ship met its 6,000-backer goal on Hasbro Pulse crowdsourcing platform HasLab over the weekend. It passed its 8,000-backer stretch goal Tuesday, so the toy company will add an escape pod accessory. Its 10,000-backer goal will be a Baby Yoda figure, CNET can exclusively reveal.

The figure will include his cute pram and the gear shaft knob he became fascinated with in the show, and come on a traditional card back. This version of the figure will be exclusive to the Razor Crest set.

Hasbro's previous crowdfunded toys include its biggest Star Wars toy, the largest Transformers figure ever, a supersized Marvel Legends Sentinel and a revival of 1980s board game HeroQuest.

Funding for the Razor Crest will continue until the end of Nov. 9 -- less than two weeks after season 2 of The Mandalorian begins on Disney Plus. Clever timing, Hasbro.

Star Wars Vintage Collection Baby Yoda could join The Mandalorian's Razor Crest set

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It'll be 30 inches long (including the main cannons), 20 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall when sitting on its landing gear. You'll get a pilot: a 3.75-inch Mando in his shiny Beskar armor, with a soft goods cape that'll let him sit down in his ship. 

Like many Star Wars toy ships, the cockpit opens to reveal a fully detailed interior, and this one has three seats that fit Vintage Collection figures. 

You might remember getting a nice tour of the Razor Crest during the show's first episode last year, and seeing a stocked weapons locker and carbon freezing chamber. You'll find those in Hasbro's version, along with the bunk area Baby Yoda hid in.

We haven't seen Mando or any of his passengers use the escape pod yet, but the opening shot of the season 2 trailer suggests we might. The pod itself resembles a creepy coffin, like the one Rey used to travel from the Millennium Falcon to the First Order flagship Supremacy in The Last Jedi.  

The Vintage Collection Razor Crest also has detachable engines and removable hull panels, so you can re-create the moment those cheeky Jawas pulled the ship apart. The rear and side doors open, and the ramp can be lowered so you can show off the interior while it's displayed. The landing gear can also be removed, so you can pretend it's flying around your sitting room as you make Star Wars engine sound effects. We've all been there.

The Razor Crest is the kind of toy that'd only happen through a crowdfunding platform like HasLab, according to Adam Biehl, Hasbro's senior vice president for global brands.

"The team consistently hears requests for big-ticket dream items that, up until now, have been just that -- dreams," he said in an emailed statement. "With HasLab, we can provide fans with the opportunity to set the narrative and to receive their ultimate collectors' item if they choose to participate."