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OK to spring multiple $K for 4K?

The interesting new TVs of 2016 are almost all ones with 4K resolution, and various degrees of support for HDR, or high dynamic range. And if you're shopping for a new TV, it's definitely time to consider one with 4K.

On the other hand, TV prices are at their highest during spring and come down throughout the year, leading into the holiday season. More-affordable models will be announced soon. If you can wait, you should.

But if you have money to burn, the first new TVs of 2016 are all too happy to help.

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LG G6 series

Price: $7,999 (65-inch)

Availability: Spring

The outlook: The best and most-expensive LG OLED TV for 2016, the G6 series differentiates itself not with a better picture than less-expensive OLEDs, but with sleeker styling.

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LG UH9500 series

Price: $3,999 (65-inch)

Availability: March

The outlook: LG's best LED LCD won't match its OLED TVs for picture quality, but it will be compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range formats. It also comes in a 86-inch version for $9,999, and a couple of less-expensive HDR series are available as well.

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Samsung KS9500 series

Price: TBD

Availability: TBD

The outlook: Beyond ditching 3D, Samsung has kept the wraps on its 2016 TV lineup so far. We do know that the KS9500 will be one of the best, with a curved screen, brighter image and new moth's eye reflection reduction technology.

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Sony XBR-X930D series

Price: $3,299 (55-inch)

Availability: March

The outlook: Sony isn't shy about detailing its TVs, revealing full pricing (expensive) on its 4K models, including the ultra-thin X930D with its souped-up backlight. This series also comes in a 65-inch size for $4,999.

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Sony XBR-75X940D

Price: $7,999 (75-inch)

Availability: March

The outlook: Sony's best 2016 TV comes in one gigantic size and offers full-array local dimming to the few picture quality fiends who can think of affording it.

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Vizio Reference Series

Price: $5,999 (65-inch)

Availability: March

The outlook: Not to be outdone by the megabuck HDR-supercharged models from other makers, Vizio's Reference offers perhaps the best specs of all, including ultra-wide color coverage and the most dimming zones.

It's also available in a 120-inch size for $130,000. Just sayin'.

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Insignia NS-­DR710NA17 series (4K Roku TV)

Price: $399 (43-inch)

Availability: March

The outlook: In case $130K, or even $4K, is too rich for your blood, take heart: plenty of cheaper 4K TVs are coming soon too. One of the first is from Insignia and it features Roku, our favorite Smart TV platform, newly infused with 4K apps.


Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Blu-ray player

Price: $399

Availability: March

The outlook: If you're springing multiple thousands of dollars on a 4K TV, what's another $400 to get the best-looking content on it? Behold the perfect companion for your bleeding-edge display.

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