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Highest-end LG OLED TV slims down with picture-on-glass design

The pinnacle of LG's 2016 OLED TV lineup, the G6 series offers the same picture quality as less-expensive models in a sleeker, thinner design.

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Can OLED TV get any thinner? Yes, yes it can.

LG's most-expensive 2016 TV, the G6 series, differentiates itself not with a better picture than less-expensive OLEDs, but with sleeker styling. It's part of LG's line of "Signature" product lineup, which also includes a few high-end appliances.

The majority of the TV itself consists of a panel-on-glass design, exceedingly thin at just 2.57 millimeters (one-tenth on an inch), with the OLED panel mounted directly on a piece of glass, complete with rounded transparent edges.

The rest of the TV is the stand/sound bar, where you actually plug in the inputs and power cables, and where the improved speaker system is housed. Another unique feature is the ability to fold the sound bar up behind the TV for wall-mounting.

New for 2016, LG has improved the picture quality specifications of its OLED TVs, which were already the best-performing TVs CNET has ever tested. They're 25 percent brighter, and now offer a wider color gamut that equals 99 percent of the DCI/P3 color space, as well as full HDR support including Dolby Vision compatibility.

Pricing for the G6 series was not announced, although LG's rep told CNET that the 65-inch size should come in at "less than $10,000." It will ship in the first quarter of 2016.

The series is also available in a 77-inch size, which will ship later and cost quite a bit more.

More details on LG's full 2016 OLED TV lineup are available here.

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