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Write, edit, and share

Quip's collaborative word processing app does many of the same things Google Docs does, but with a simpler interface and greater emphasis on collaboration. You can create a new document, add images and checklists, and then share it with friends, family, or coworkers. They can then add text, edit, and comment on the document. Any changes they make are recorded in a simple log.

The main screen, shown here in the Quip tablet app, shows your desktop (right) with all of your documents and folders, including documents that have been shared with you. The inbox, on the left, shows recent activity on your documents, as well as message threads between you and other Quip users.

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Text documents

Quip can only create text documents currently, not spreadsheets or presentations. Documents have basic formatting, including headers, check lists, bullets, and numbered lists. You can add photos and links to either Web sites or other Quip documents.

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Adding content

In any document, you can insert photos, tables, and Web page links with the Insert button in the bottom toolbar. In a nod to Twitter, you can mention someone in the text by typing "@" followed by the name. As you type, the app will show suggestions. You can also use @ to insert a link to another Quip document.

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Text formatting

The bottom toolbar is also the place to find advanced formatting tools, such as the option to add lists and to create small, medium, or large headers. Tap the paragraph button to revert back to plain paragraph text formatting. When you select words, you're able to make them bold, italic, or underline. If you don't like the font option, you're out of luck -- there's only one choice.

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Sharing documents

Quip really shines when you collaborate on a document with other writers. To get started, invite someone else to the document by typing that person's name in the share menu. If he or she uses Quip, you'll see a username. If not, the app will search your device's contact list to find that person, and you can share a link to the document via e-mail or text.

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Document log

To left of every document is a log of all the edits and changes that have been made. This space makes it easy to see who's added what and when. You can send messages to other collaborators to suggest edits or just chat.

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Import documents

In a recent update, you can now import documents from services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive into Quip so you can edit them.

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