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The campaign for president of the United States hasn't always been pretty this election cycle, and all the rhetoric seems to have just about everyone on edge. With the anxiety reaching a fever pitch a couple of days before all votes are cast, we've compiled some apps to help you blow off election steam on your own or decompress with friends.

For starters is a free new app called DabKick for iOS and Android that lets you watch and comment on videos simultaneously with your friends. Trending videos from election night coverage online as well as other content partners like Fox and Disney/ABC will be available for group watching.

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De-stress with (fake) selfies

HollywoodSelfie for iOS and Android lets you fake selfies with all sorts of celebrities. The free app's latest additions include Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton so you can put yourself in the middle of the electoral action and show your support or disdain for either candidate on Election Day.
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Fact-check it!

This election, it seems like each campaign has its own set of facts. Should you find yourself in a disagreement with friends on Election Day, the fact-checkers have a simple way to end squabbles with PolitiFact's Settle It! app to quickly separate fact from rhetoric. The app's free on iOS and Android.

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Election emojis

Today you can't really negotiate any interaction effectively without picking just the right emoji. Fortunately there's a 99-cent collection of 2016 election emojis for iOS to express precisely what you want to say about this whole :smirking Trump: :smoking Obama: :American flag: :crying Uncle Sam:

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Instant Regret

It's been an election season full of memorable (and often regrettable) quotes. Instant Regret: He Said / She Said Edition is a free Mad Libs-inspired mobile game for iOS that can be played with friends or strangers to see who can transform campaign quotes into the most hilarious or outrageous new sayings.

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Run your own campaign

Think you could have done a better job running one or both campaigns for the major party candidates? Try Campaign Manager, from a popular developer of kids' educational mobile games, for iOS ($2.99) and Android ($1.99). The app lets you set your strategy and see if you'd have a chance of trumping Trump or crushing Clinton.

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If you've become addicted to social media this election cycle, no matter how ill-advised that might be, consider using an app that's tailor-made for the purpose. Brigade is a free election-focused social network app for iOS and Android that allows for a (sometimes) more civilized way of following the campaigns and discussing the issues with people from all over the political spectrum or just connecting with like-minded citizens.

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We the People shall remain nameless

If you happen to have an unpopular election-related opinion in your social circle, you just might want to keep your identity to yourself. We the People is an anonymous election-focused social network that lets you declare your support for your favorite candidate, debate with others and see who's really voting for who in your area... no names required. It's free on iOS and Android.

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Trump punch-out

No one (hopefully) wants to see the electoral process devolve into violence, but making a game out of sparring with Donald Trump might be the most civilized way to get out all that aggression against the Republican nominee. Punch the Trump for iOS and Android (free, with in-app purchases) transforms The Donald into your boxing opponent, a role he might actually be suited for considering he's been known to do a bit of professional wrestling in his day.

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This year, both candidates are the subject of much ire from voters. For those who can't stand Hillary Clinton, Hillaroids, free on Android, lets you express your disgust with the Democratic candidate by blasting space rocks that look an awful lot like the former secretary of state.

Whatever happens Tuesday, we'll all get through it together just like we get through everything else -- phone in hand, searching for reassurance in that beloved screen that makes everything better... I hope.

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