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Turn your Clinton and Trump burns into points with new app

A simple fill-in-the-blank game with a social bent could be just what this democracy needs right now.

You've suffered through the debates, sharing the memes and regretting the drinking games the next day. As the most insane presidential election in modern American history gets closer to winding down, here's an app that lets you channel the experience into fun with friends.

The Instant Regret "He Said/She Said" Election 2016 special edition is a free fill-in-the-blank game that provides a simple outlet for your electoral angst, no matter which candidate you love or hate most.

The idea is pretty simple -- the app presents you with a line from one of the candidates with a word or phrase removed. You then fill in that blank with the best punchline, burn and straight-up absurdity.

Here are a couple of example lines:

"If Tom and Jerry got along well and went after ISIS, that would be good." - Trump

"We've never had a pantsuit trying to interfere with our election." - Clinton

Four to 11 friends or strangers can participate in each round, with one person serving as judge of the best line. The winner of each round gets a point and there's a new judge for the next round; the first person to seven points wins. It's basically social electoral Cards Against Humanity or Mad Libs, but much funnier.

Right now the app is only available for iOS devices via Apple's App Store, but developer Blue Loop plans to stream gameplay on YouTube and Twitch so you can follow along with the best zingers if you're an Android user or just more of a humor voyeur.

If that's not enough to relieve your anxiety over the tenor of this campaign, here's one last line the game developers were kind enough to provide a video interpretation for to brighten your day. It'll all be over soon, folks.