Is today Launch a Bunch of Cameras Day and nobody told us? Because Sony and Samsung obviously got up this morning and thought "Hey guys! Enough of all the phones already! Have some cameras!" Samsung weighs in with the IT100, PL50, PL65 and ES15, a selection of compact point-and-shoots.

Let's kick off with the 12-megapixel IT100. It boasts a creditable 5x optical zoom and decent 28mm wide angle lens. It shoots 720p high-definition videos and features face, blink and smile detection.

Self-portrait mode beeps when faces are positioned centrally so you don't have to be behind the camera to frame your shot, for that perfect arm-length MySpace pout.

Next up are the 10-megapixel PL50 and 12-megapixel PL65. Last but not least is the ES15, packing 10 megapixels and a 3x zoom lens. All the cameras use a new Smart Album file-management system for browsing your images and files.

Want to know more? 'Course you do. Click through the pictures to see the new cameras and prices.

The back of the IT100, showing its 76mm (3-inch) LCD screen.
The IT100 will be available in silver, black, and red and will retail at £229.
The PL50 will retail at £119.
The PL50 sports a screen. Samsung neglected to inform us how big it was, sorry. We're guessing 69mm (2.7 inches).
Colour options include black and silver and this candy pink.
The PL65 will retail at £179.
It comes in black, pink, silver and dark grey.
The ES15 can be found in candy pink, silver, white and dark grey.
The ES15 will be available in April for a paltry £79.
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