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We just got word that Sony Ericsson has unveiled its latest do-it-all Walkman phone -- the Walkman W715. It's an HSDPA-enabled slider with a 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The quad-band W715 will, we believe, be Vodafone-exclusive in the UK, and hitches its GPS chip to turn-by-turn satellite navigation technology, using pre-loaded software. You'll also be able to use this to find the shops, bars, restaurants and perhaps even brothels nearest to you at any given time.

Not only that, but any trousers-down photos you take in the aforementioned emporia of love can be geotagged with the location at which they were taken -- a feature Apple's new iPhoto '09 app takes full advantage of. You know, so you can find your way back.

Microsoft Exchange email accounts are taken care of by the internal mail app (that's 'push email' if you're wondering), and any dumb videos of you and your buddies bitch-slapping passing bank managers can be uploaded to YouTube with a bundled app.

But this is of course a music phone. And being a Sony Ericsson music phone, it doesn't have a real headphone socket. Goodbye, potential CNET UK award. Shame, since this phone's got some of the best looks we've ever seen. Alas, dear Son Eric, we don't care how pretty your daughter is: if she's flawed on the inside, she might as well look like a spookfish

All being said, the W715 incorporates stereo Bluetooth for impressive wireless audio. So pick up some decent wireless headphones, and have yourself a little party. There's 128MB of internal memory to be partied with, expandable with Memory Stick Micro M2 cards.

The phone should be available in the first quarter of this year in 'selected markets', and almost certainly Vodafone-only in the UK. We'll keep you posted. More pics in the gallery above.

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There's no point beating around the proverbial -- we're smitten with the looks. It's just a shame SE hasn't got the message that no-one wants proprietary headphone sockets.
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