Editors' Choice November 2008 winners

Only four products are deemed good enough to deserve a coveted CNET UK Editors' Choice award from November 2008. Read on to see which four they are

Jason Jenkins Director of content / EMEA
Jason Jenkins is the director of content for CNET in EMEA. Based in London, he has been writing about technology since 1999 and was once thrown out of Regent's Park for testing the UK's first Segway.
Jason Jenkins
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Welcome along to the second of our monthly CNET UK Editors' Choice awards, where we give away a prize to the very best kit we've reviewed that month. To win an award, the product not only has to be the standard by which all other similar products will be judged, it has to have an effect on the market as a whole.

Here are the four products we tested in November 2008 that were so great, we're giving them a trophy. Congrats, people! Barring illness or other unspecific catastrophe, we'll have December's winners on the site for your delectation in, ooh, 30 days or so.



Panasonic DMP-BD35
With most Blu-ray players costing an arm, leg and at least half of all your organs, it's refreshing to see a player that features the full profile 2.0 Blu-ray spec for less than £200. We loved the picture quality from the Panasonic DMP-BD35 and thought it looked stylish too. Extra features such as DivX playback sweeten the deal, and make this one of the best all-round players we've seen to date.

Sennheiser IE 8
Until we reviewed the flagship model in Sennheiser's new high-end earphone range, Shure's SE530s were the pinnacle of earphone supremacy. The IE 8s are the first audiophile earphone we feel truly challenges the top of the range Shure model, and as our new in-house favourite, there was nothing to stop us awarding this incredible earphone our Editors' Choice award for this month.

Sony Ericsson C905
The Sony Ericsson C905 is the best camera phone we've seen so far. A high-resolution camera with xenon flash produces sharp shots even in low light, and we were impressed by all the extras, such as GPS and Wi-Fi. It's not small, but it's the right size to hold comfortably when taking pictures: you feel as though you're holding a proper camera. If you're looking for a serious mobile phone that can replace your compact camera for holiday snaps and nights out, this is it.

Sony Vaio TT
The Sony Vaio TT series ticks just about every box you'd expect in a machine of this type. It's lightweight, comfortable to use and has outstanding battery life. Like all the best ultraportables, it also incorporates a 3G modem, into which you can install a SIM card for true go-anywhere Internet access. If you're after the ultimate in ultraportable computing, you need look no further.