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Probably differing somewhat from '90s techno-gonks The Shamen, Nokia reckons 'E' stands for 'efficiency'.

At the Mobile World Congress, Nokia unveiled the E55 mobile phone, which joins the E75 in featuring the new Nokia Messaging email user interface. Both handsets also include Nokia Maps and GPS, as well as N-Gage gaming functions. It is also -- drum roll, please -- the thinnest smart phone in the world!

The E55 sports a 5x4-key SureType compact keyboard. Nokia claims a full 28 days of standby battery life, as well as pointing out that the E55 is the thinnest smart phone in the world!

The E55 will be with us in the second quarter of 2009, and is set to bear a €265 (£240) price tag. It remains to be seen whether it will still be the thinnest smart phone in the world by then.

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Here we see the E55 in black, complete with camera.
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The E55 will be out of step with the seasons if this wintry white colour is available when the phone arrives in spring.
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