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The Nokia Mobile World Congress press conference has just wrapped up. We've started, so we'll Finnish. Announcements included the debut of two E-series phones. First up is the Nokia E75, a Qwerty-equipped sideways slider.

The headline feature is a new Nokia Messaging email system, which will appear on all the E phones. It includes HTML email support, expandable views and sorting by date, sender or size, as well as folders. Calendars, contacts and to-do lists are also enhanced. The E75 also includes Ovi Files, which allows for remote file management on your home computer, even when it's switched off.

The E75 will be available from the end of March, for €375 (£335), and can be pre-ordered from Nokia's site some time today. Click through our photos for more slide-y, email-y goodness.

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This is the E75 with the Qwerty keyboard safely stowed away, and the standard keypad ready for some calling action.
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The Qwerty keyboard slides out for sorting out your emails.
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This is the E75 in copper. It's not to our taste, anyway.
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Here's a much prettier red version, showing off the email sorting.
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Nokia reckons the E75 will be available to preorder today.
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