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Everyone who touched Nokia's last XpressMusic phone, the 5800, said the same thing: does this thing slide out? It seems to exude a slidey-ness, but it doesn't back it up by actually having a slide-out keyboard.

Now that yearning will be satisfied, thanks to the launch of the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia's first music phone with a full Qwerty keyboard. If you've ever fancied the emailing talents of the E75 but couldn't stand its pinstripe-suited looks, the 5730 might be right up your boho street.

Thankfully for a music phone, the 5730 will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for your phat cans, and an advertised 25 hours of music-playing battery life.

It will also be pre-loaded with N-Gage games, and has dedicated gaming keys for playing in landscape mode.

An 8GB microSD card is included, which you can pack full of photos from the 3.2-megapixel camera and subscription-free music from Nokia's Comes With Music service.

But despite all this shiny goodness, all anyone could talk about at today's press launch was the upcoming N97.

"It's like s*x in your hand," said a Nokia product manager. Which sounds kind of sad and lonely to us, but maybe it's good if you're spending the winter in Espoo, where apparently sex is a swear word.

The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic should drop in the third quarter of 2009 for around €280 (£260).

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The full Qwerty keyboard will come in handy when using built-in social-networking apps such as Facebook.

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The 3.2-megapixel camera chilling on the back, where it's quiet.

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The 5730 is also an N-Gage phone, so you can play poker with this pretty lady.

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