With just over a week to go until the Nintendo Wii's Australian launch, we get our hands on a final retail box of the next-generation console. Want to see what's inside? Then click away below.

We knew it was coming. But when the package from Nintendo finally arrived at CNET.com.au HQ today, it took all our effort not to immediately rip open the box and start salivating.

Inside the box was something to make any Nintendo fanboy weep. A brand new Wii console, an extra remote and nunchuk, and a little-known game called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
The Wii retail box itself is not bulky, and sports a clean white design.
The contents of the box are divided into two sections -- the first carries the Wii unit itself, while the second has the accessories (such as remote controller, nunchuk and Wii Sports).
The Wii itself is fairly small -- in fact, its power brick is almost half its size.
The second section of the box carries the remote, nunchuk, sensor and more.
The contents of the second section spread out. As you can see, you get several instruction manuals as well.
The Wii remote and nunchuk in all their splendour.
The unit's remote sensor, which is needed for the Wii's wireless controllers.
The remote unit is quite small and discreet.
A close-up of the bottom front of the Wii, which features the unit's Eject button.
Farther up the front of the unit is the Wii's SD card slot, which is hidden behind a white panel.
At the top of the unit are four GameCube controller ports.
The back of the Wii is clutter-free. Here you can see the power, AV multi-out and sensor ports.
Behold the Wii60. As you can see, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is much larger than the Wii.
Just like the 360, the Wii can also be stored flat on its back.
The Wii's new home at CNET.com.au.
Some of the accessories kindly sent by Nintendo.
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