Look at all of Ring's new outdoor security lights from CES 2019

The new motion-activated lights from Ring are well-connected and well-priced, and you can pre-order them right now.

Ry Crist
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Coming soon: Ring Smart Lighting

Ring already sells a variety of video doorbells and camera-equipped lighting fixtures for the outside of your home. Now, at CES 2019, the Amazon-owned company is unveiling a new, full lineup of outdoor smart lights with built-in motion sensors. 

They don't have cameras of their own, but they can trigger the cameras you already have (or each other) if they detect someone sneaking by. They're also the most affordable Ring gadgets yet. Scroll through to take a look at all of the new options coming this March.

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Motion-activated lighting

The pitch here is pretty familiar -- motion-activated lights on the outside of your house that turn on whenever you approach at night (or when they detect someone approach who shouldn't be). The bonus with Ring is that you can control these lights with Alexa voice commands, or sync them with a larger Ring setup to trigger your cameras or send you alerts whenever something is amiss.

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Ring Bridge

Just know that if you want those advanced smart features, you'll need to buy the new Ring Bridge for $50. Plug it in and connect it with your home network, and it'll quarterback your Ring setup, allowing one device to trigger another.

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Ring Floodlight

All right, let's get to the lights. First up, the Ring Floodlight, available in a hard-wired version that puts out an impressive 2,000 lumens of light for $70. There's a battery-powered version at 600 lumens that isn't as bright but offers more flexibility and a lower price of $50.

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Ring Spotlight

The rest of the new lights are all battery powered, including the new Ring Spotlight. No word on how bright it is yet, but I'm guessing it's roughly on par with that battery-powered floodlight. It'll cost $40.

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Battery life?

No word yet on how long the batteries will last in between charges, either. I'll try to track Ring down here at CES and ask them -- watch for an update to this very caption if I get an answer.

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Ring Pathlight

Also new: The $30 Ring Pathlight. Just stick it in the ground, and it'll light up the walkway as you pass by.

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Solar-powered versions coming soon?

Ring also hints that new, solar-powered versions are in the works, as well. No word yet on when we should expect them to arrive or how much we should expect them to cost.

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Ring Steplights

If you have a set of stairs outside your home and you'd like them to light up as you approach to keep things safe when it's dark, then the Ring Steplights might be just what you're looking for. They'll cost $18 each.

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Ring Motion Sensor

Ring is also introducing a standalone, battery-powered motion sensor for $25. It doesn't have any lights or cameras of its own. Instead, it's designed to trigger the lights and cameras you've already got.

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Comes in black, too

Like a lot of these new Ring lights and gadgets, the motion sensor is available in both black and white. Other accessories are coming, too -- namely, the $100, low-voltage Ring Transformer, which promises to smarten up your existing landscape lighting.

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Preorders now open

All of the new Ring Smart Lighting gadgets are available for preorder now on Ring's website (and, of course, on Amazon). Ring says that they'll be available outside the US in select countries later this year. That $18 to $100 price range converts to about £14 to £80 or AU$25 to AU$140.

Those prices are appealing, especially for a well-connected, up-and-coming platform like Ring. Along with the video doorbells, the cameras and the new smart lights, Ring also sells the Ring Alarm security system. All of it adds up to a pretty interesting whole-home lighting and security setup, especially for fans of Alexa.

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