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A deeper dive with the LG G Watch (pictures)

We take a closer look at the LG G Watch, which Google showcased yesterday at its annual developer's conference in San Francisco.

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1 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

LG gets into Android Wear with the G Watch

Announced at Google I/O 2014 and available for preorder today, the LG G Watch is one of the first smartwatches to run on Google's new Android-based smartwatch OS, Android Wear.

2 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Charging up for juice

Five pins on the back of the G Watch line up with the pins in its charging base, which connects to a Micro-USB cable.

3 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Sizing it up

The G Watch weighs a slight 0.13 pounds (63 grams) and is 38mm long, 47mm wide, and a sliver under 10mm thick.

4 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Additional features inside

The watch is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, a gyrometer, accelerometer, and a built-in compass.

5 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

A few millimeters thick

Here you can get a better view of the thickness of the G Watch: just 9.95mm, to be precise.

6 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Switching bands for style

The G Watch comes in two colors (white gold and black), but its bands can be interchanged with standard watch bands.

7 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Convenient text notifications

Just like your phone vibrates in your pocket when you have a text, the LG G Watch will vibrate and show the latest message so you don't need to take out your phone.

8 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Follow these steps

For the active user, the smartwatch can also collect data on how many steps you've taken in the day.

9 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

In comparison for size

The LG G Watch (far left) next to some typical time pieces.

10 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Only with Android 4.3 and later

The device is compatible with handsets running Android 4.3 or later.

11 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Google Now notifications

The G Watch will also display Google Now cards so you can check things like the weather easily. Another swipe on the weather screen will bring up a weekly forecast.

12 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

400mAh battery inside

The G Watch is powered by a 400mAh battery, which has a claimed standby time of about 36 hours.

13 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

"OK, Google"

When you want to perform a search, find nearby locations, or get directions, just say, "OK, Google" to your G Watch and speak your query. As you can see in this screen, if it doesn't register, you can try again.

14 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

No buttons whatsoever

The G Watch has no external buttons, instead relying on touch and voice to activate this wearable gadget's many features.

15 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Old meets new

Another look at the G Watch (right) next to an analog watch.

16 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Where are we?

As mentioned before, the device has a built-in compass for navigation.

17 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Powering its internals

The powerhouse of the smartwatch is a Snapdragon 400 processor from Qualcomm. You charge its 400mAh battery by clipping it into a stand -- the juice flows over those five pins on the back.

18 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

A fashion accessory?

Some people worry smartwatches will be too bulky for everyday use. Here, an LG representative wears the G Watch. Those with smaller wrists will certainly have a different experience.

19 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

1.5-inch screen

The 1.5-inch LCD touchscreen has a 280x280-pixel resolution.

20 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Voice command included too

Because it supports voice command, you can also record voice memos or activate commands. Simply say, "OK, Google, set an alarm for 7 a.m.," and your watch's alarm will start blaring at the appropriate time the following day.

21 of 21 Josh Miller/CNET

Availability and pricing

The G Watch is available for $229 in the US, £159 in the UK and AU$249 in Australia. You can preorder now from the Google Play Store in all three countries and it ships out July 3.

Other Android Wear watches shown off at I/O include the Samsung Gear Live, and the Moto 360 by Motorola.

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